DIY Nail Paint Stand

DIY Nail paint Stand

Over the Summer of 2015, me & Pari made this beautiful Nail Paint Stand to organize her ever increasing collection of nail paints. This was a 2 hour project, costed almost nothing, as we had everything already. For this, we needed:

  • A box – Recently, I received a big, sturdy UPS box in the courier. A perfect size for our project.
  • Glue Gun
  • Duck Tape Contact Paper.
  • Foam Board
  • Cardboard Cutting Tool

Here is the box.

NailPaint Stand-1

To begin with, I removed one face of the box facing me.

NailPaint Stand-2

Covered the face with Duck Tape Contact paper. I had zebra print.

NailPaint Stand-3

Now, to make levels in this box, I measured and cut 2 foam boards, so that it fits in this box. Along with this, I also cut small strips which can be attached in the front.

NailPaint Stand-4

It should look like this. NailPaint Stand-5

Now, cover the foam board cut-outs with the contact paper. Glue it to the box with the help of glue gun. And this is the finished project:

DIY Nail paint Stand

This project was actually inspired from Pinterest. Pari loved making this Nail Paint Stand especially sticking the contact paper, and using the hot glue gun, ya ya she was extremely careful. This nail paint stand is proudly sitting on my dresser :).



Diwali 2015

This year, on Diwali

Pooja: On Diwali evening, after cleaning up the home, we did Lakshmi -Ganesh Pooja, followed by Pari’s Gharonda pooja. Then, we had sweets and snacks. Friends came over and we burst crackers outside. We visited our neighbor’s house, had to come back early, as another friend came over our to our home. We had dinner: puri-chhola. Pari was so tired by that time, and she slept.


Diwali Gharonda: Like every year, Pari and Dad made this beautiful Gharonda/Doll House with foam board. Will do a separate post on making of Gharonda. So, this Gharonda has been beautifully decorated by Pari. It has living room and kitchen on the lower level, and two bedrooms on the upper level. All her princess figurines and magic clip Disney Princesses are enjoying their stay at this beautiful home, which was adorned by Christmas Lights. On the day of Diwali, Pari did pooja of this house too.



So, this year there was no party. Just few friends dropped in to wish Happy Diwali. These are the foods on the table: Chakli/ Murukku, Chivda, Dahi-Vada, Rabdi, Gulab jamun, Masala Puri Chaat, Dahi Puri Chaat.

Diwali Decorations:

I have never ever been able to make rangoli at my house. This time too, I tried making rangoli with colored rice, but again, a failed attempt. Well, the candles and buddha and a little green do spice up the decor. And, a bowl of water with rose petals and tealight candles work wonders to exhibit the festive spirit.


Diwali Celebrations !!!

While looking at this year’s Diwali pics, I found last year’s Diwali pics are not on the blog. So, here it goes. Last year, 2014 we had a Diwali party @home with 3 families. Kids had gala time.

Party Menu:

Starters: Various Chaat: Dahi Puri, Masala Puri, Papdi Chaat.

Main Course: Puri, Chhola, Pulav, Dahi -Bada

Sweets: Malpua, Gujiya

Diwali Gharonda: Pari’s Dad made Gharonda again with foam board. All the decorations done by Pari and Dad. I wish I could put the tutorial here. But nope, I don’t have step by step pics. he just made a custom house, with Pari’s instructions. And Pari decorated the house with all the stickers and her handmade pictures.

Diwali/Halloween Decor:

  • There were few Christmas lights still left after we were done decorating the house with lights. So, just wrapped and kept on the table.It looked awesome. Though in pic, it’s not looking awesome.
  • Pari’s Dad carved his first Jack-o-lantern. Pari enjoyed a lot.
  • I did not had any big glass bowl. So, just threw some rose petals and tealight candles on the glass, arranged it. and was looking fabulous.
  • And lastly, we arranged the lights in the shape of Diya.

Diwali Cracker Celebrations:

We did few light crackers outside the house with friends and the kids enjoyed it.

On Saturday, went to the nearby temple for lots of crackers. Pari loved it.

Enjoyed Diwali a lot :) :) :)


We were going to ‘ Dussehra’ event, and this is what happened on the way,

Pari : What we will do there?

Me: We will have loads of fun.. there will be ravan dahan, ram leela, lots of yummy food and various stalls for shopping.

Pari: What is Ram Leela?

Me: It’s a story about Ram & Sita.. I have told you about this so many times..

Pari: Oh ya ya ya.. wait-wait.. I know… There’s a boy and a girl who went to jungle for camping, and then the other boy draws a line and asks her not to go out but she goes out and a villain kidnaps her..

Me: (almost fainted)– camping .. ha  ha ha ha


Anyways, we reached the venue and surprisingly Pari wanted to watch Ram leela and she was enjoying the superb show.

Me: Pari, this is King Dashrath and he had three wives.

Pari looking at me surprised: How can anyone have 3 wives?

Me: In very olden days, it used to happen. but..

Pari: or Is he Kapil Sharma of Kiss-kiss ko pyaar karoon? He too had 3 wives..right?

Me  I said “ya ya ya” (can’t stop laughing)

Life Changing Magic

I don’t remember how I got to know about this book. But what I remember is: 2 months back, I found this book in our Library. I placed a hold request with waiting list #16 and got this book after a long wait of 2 months. Now that I have got this book and super excited to read this book with a little hope of changing myself from being messier all the time to keep the house very clean and very much organized. Though I regularly organize and clean my stuffs… but soon they become a mess in no time.. Well, I will post here.. if I find some good things in the book to talk about.


DIY Chevron Canvas Wall Art

From our last trip to AC Moore, just before Summer Holidays, we got these two 16×20 canvas for $6.99. And, as soon as the holidays started, everyday, Pari wanted to do something on the canvas.But we had no idea. Finally, on Father’s day, Pari and Dad spent lots of time on youtube and internet, and decided on doing a Chevron Wall Art. We went to Walmart and she selected mint color. Back home, they both started and finished in 2 days time. 2 hours each  day. We spent sround $8, and got this amazing Wall Art, decorating our living room.


  1. First, paint the canvas with mint color preferably with sponge brush. Apply another coat for better results.

Canvas12. Next make the patterns on the canvas as shown below according to your specification.

Canvas23. Using masking tape or Washi Tape, paint the patterns using the color of your choice.

Canvas34. We added glitter too. We applied modpodge to glitter after its dried, to avoid any drop-off..


And this is the final project. Pari loved it a lot. Our first DIY Canvas painting.

Earlier I was happy that Pari will be doing this canvas painting on her own. But, later realized, it took a whole lot of measurements to make a perfect Chevron pattern like above. Well, this was all done by Pari’s Dad. And Pari did all the painting and color selection, This beautiful Wall Art is now beautifully adorning our living room :)

Summer Vacation Time – July !!!

Earlier I thought of posting our Summer Adventures in the blog each week. But i later realized I was thinking too much… Now, only few days left for the beautiful and lazy summer days.. We had real fun these days. This is what we did in the month of July..

  1. Loads of playdates.
  2. Playing games: UNO, Ludo, Card games- Crazy Eight, Go Fish, Rummy, Penalty
  3. Baking: cupcakes, pizza, cake
  4. Watching TV series: Jessie, HGTV Shows like Buying and Selling, Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Cousins on Call.
  5. Some home decor things: Headband holder, DIY Nail paint storage rack, Vanity Trays, Sunburst Mirror
  6. Birthday Parties
  7. Beach
  8. Science Center
  9. Lots of trips to park.

More details coming up…