Refresh 2017

Now Again, it’s time of the year to look back 2017, and refresh the memories of joy, and appreciate the accomplishments.


Family : We are really having lots of fun with Myra. After she came to our life, there is so much laughter and fun at home, we could have ever imagined. She has filled our lives with so much of joy. Every day, she has her own unique way of making us laugh.

Home : We moved to California and downsized our home. Got rid of dining table, Dresser and Ikea drawer chest and lots and lots of stuffs. After moving here, for few months, it was real good, when we were not buying new stuffs. But now, I have started shopping again in full force. Well, at the end of the year, have started organizing the home. Just bought IKEA bookcase. And arranged it today. Yippee !!!

Travel : Moved to California and visited: San Francisco Golden Gate, Yosemite National Park, 17th Mile Drive, Children’s Discovery Museum.

Finances : Just at the end of the year, started taking care of the budget using an app “Every Dollar”

Eating out– Yepp.. this year we ate a lot outside. Especially in Bay Area, Indian food joints are so nearby. We can have samosas every week, and gur-jalebis. Nice south-indian food joints are so near. We do regular takeaways from Chipotle, Falafel joint. Next year, I definitely want to goto Taco Bell.

Hobbies : Reading and listening about Ayurveda and Rajiv Dixit. Getting more involved in Pari’s studies. And focusing more on Home Management.

Health : Have to lose weight. Not much progress.

Books: Right now, I am not reading any books. But reading about articles in Ayurveda, Financial Planning.

Pari : Her new school in California is good. Initially, I took it very casually, and later I realized she really needs to work on her studies- maths, handwriting and spelling. She enrolled on swimming classes- yes finally she is swimming. No piano classes are going on. She also went for tennnis class, which she liked a lot.The best thing that happened was- she got into coding class. She knows, scratch, and robotics programming. We took her to Microsoft Minecraft classes. And she liked it.

Mood : Well, lots of ups and downs, Myra tests my patience.

Myra: She is eating well, started grass-milk. She still doesn’t drink milk from bottle. She will not eat even one bite, when she is not in a mood. Recently got her weaned from bf.


Zindagi Gulzaar hai

Floored by the charm of Fawad khan, not in the movie ‘Khubsoorat’, but in the Pakistani TV series: Zindagi Gulzaar hai and Humsafar.

Watching Zindagi Gulzaar hai for the second time, and this time with my husband. Can’t be more happier. I was thinking of watching something, but could not find anything good to watch. So, I thought of watching this serial again. And on that day, husband dear was working in his laptop, and I said, I am tired of watching my stuffs on mobile, I want to watch on TV. he said, don’t worry, put it on, I won’t be bothered with your serials. I can do my work. After 30 minutes of first episode, I saw him .. he was only watching TV, and was not doing his work. When the episode ended, he said put on the next episode. We watched again. Next day, at night, after all my work got finished, I was relaxing on couch, he said.. put on that 3rd episode. And on that day, we were awake till 4 AM, and finished 4 episodes of 45 minutes each. And within matter of few days, we finished the entire 24 episodes. Anil loved it too.

Zindagi Gulzaar Hai. I love Fawad’s portrayal and his characterization of a man. The way he loves his girl, the way he shows respect is too good. Zarun Junaid is his name. And Kashaf, the perfect portrayal of a confused and self- determined girl. My favorite scenes:

  • Zaoon and Kashaf’s meeting at Abrar’s home. This episode has something that deeply touches me.
  • Zaroon and Kashaf ‘s wedding scene, very beautifully shot scene, showing both of their thoughts and how are they handling awkwardness between them.            Zaroon: tum kuch kahti kyun nahi                                                                              Kashaf: tum kaho……main sun rahi ho                                                                       Zaroon: main bhi kuch sunna chahta hoon.

After couple of dialogs, Kashaf thinks: itna bhi idiot nahi hai..

  • Episode 20: After their wedding, when Zaroon was going, he gives Kashaf some money: and she thinks: “zindagi mein bahut sari naimatein hoti hain ek naimat ye bhi hai .. aapka mard aapko apni zimmedari samjhein aur app pe  kharch kare. aur maine kab socha tha ki ye naimat mujhe bhi milegi , meri bhi zimmedari lega”
  • Episode 19, when Zaroon writes about Kashaf: She is my center of gravity
  • Kashaf thinks about Zaroon: Abhi woh yahan nahi hai, par yahan har jagah maujood hota hai, uski awaaz mere kaanon mein, uske hathon ka labz mere hathon par.
  • When Kashaf’s mom tells her: Beta, apne shauhar ko apne haath se banake khana khilaya kar. And she also says Zaroon ki walda se baatein kiya karo. Sabse baatein karo. Rishta majboot hoga. Tumhare paas unke liye samay hona chahiye. And all the lessons given by her is so remarkable.
  • episode 20: Kisi se mohabbat insaan ko bahut kamzor kar deti hai..bahut bebas, majboor kar deti hai .. lekin iske bawazood tum meri zindagi ka markaz bante ja rahe ho. tum mujhse poochte ho mujhe tumhari kya baat acchi lagti hai. main tumse kaise kahoon apne ird gird tummhara ghoomna, mere wajood se na hatne wali tumhari gahri bolti nazrein, tumhari har waqt ki tawazzoh ..tumhara jaan chidakne wala har andaaz . …. love it ..
  • episode 23: Zaroon Kashaf fight: Zaroon says: mujhe dobara zindagi miley main phir se shaadi kabhi na karoon. she says: “main bhi”

Yaay !!! In California

It’s about 5 months we moved to California. Initially, as usual, I faced little settling issues. Didn’t like the place at all. But, with all the friends here, within 1 month I was like fully settled. Especially Pari’s friends was the most difficult part. She made friends in the neighboring apartment, but didn’t really go well.

So, we spent most of our summer vacations:

  • Reading books: Bailey the School kids series, yes, girl you made me read these stories too.
  • Having fun in the park, and water sprinklers.
  • Nearby shopping places : Michaels, Safeway, Ross
  • Swimming classes and swimming pool in the apartment.
  • Visiting places: Yosemite Valley, Santacruz Beach and Boardwalk, San Francisco, Children’s Discovery Museum-San Jose
  • Visiting Library.

Well, I felt a little better here, in terms of Myra. Because we downsized our home from New Jersey, so I had ample of space here for Myra to move, loved to see her crawl, moving around holding furniture and finally walking and falling and walking again. We had friends here, who would visit frequently and Myra was so happy to see them.

What I like here:

  • Most of the shops are nearby.
  • Very tasty samosa and Biryani – within 2 miles
  • I like the weather except rain
  • Feels very much like staying in Bangalore- Full of Desis.
  • I love my home here- very airy and ample of sunlight in balcony.

My Parenting Style …

I don’t know if I am doing things correctly, and if what will be the impact of these in her life. Most of my fellow-moms don’t do the way I take care of Pari and I don’t do the way they ake care of the kids. I am not sure what will be the effect. But this is just a record for you Pari, This is how we both are raising you.

1. When we first came to USA in 2013, the only princess we knew was Cinderella and Snow-white. Once, we went to a nearby dollar store, and got some coloring pages of princesses. There were, I believe 7 of them, And Pari was asking which color to choose for which princess, what’s their name? I really had no clue what to answer her. Then started the process of exploring with the help of story books and movies. And within 2 months, we both got very familiar with all the Disney Princesses Cinderella, Snow white, Belle, Aurora-Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Merida, Tiana. But my fellow moms of girls, they did not know much about the princesses, but the kids knew a lot. I was like, why don’t I say this: Oh, I don’t know all these princesses. Only my kiddo knows about these Disney princesses. I thought, maybe the kids are smart enough to know about these princesses all by themselves.

2. I let her watch toys review on YouTube. She knows ahead of time what are the latest toy craze in town- be it shopkins, my little pony, ever after high or monster high. She has an amazing knowledge.

3. Since she was small like 2-3 years of age, I used to take her to all the shops even for grocery shopping or clothing shopping. I used to make her touch and feel different varieties of fabrics. She knew what to do if she didn’t see us. And then at 5 years of age, she became my perfect partner for shopping. After asking Husband’s review, I only buy those clothes that have been given a green signal by Pari.

4. I had a dream of seeing Pari dancing on stage. And that dream fulfilled on 2014. I loved watching her dance. But somehow, she didn’t continue her dance. I was a bit sad about it, but now seeing her, I feel happy that she loves to dance on “Ladki beautiful kar di chull”, “Tamma Tamma again”. And the way she was so interested in the International Night Dance Practice. Somewhere, a seed was sown.

5. Since her toddler years, I introduced her to the world of art & craft. I used to do a lot of crafts at home with my Pari. And she loved to color with crayons. Around5-6 years of age, she made lots of canvas paintings with her Dad And now at 8 years of age, she still loves to paint.

6. Since Pari was born, I wanted her to be in creative field. I never taught her english not even Maths. And now at 7-8 years of age, she wants to be : An Artist, Singer and Fashion Designer.

Pari & Myra

Pari’s wish came true. She really wanted a baby sister. And I must say, she welcomed her with a big heart. The day when she came to the hospital to meet her and when she held her baby sister Myra, I can’t tell you the excitement and happiness she had twinkling in her eyes. And she was a proud big sister. Sissy, as she loves to call her has always loved Pari. She loves when she sees Big Sis around.

Myra smiles when Pari talks.

Myra laughs when Pari makes faces and sing songs.

Myra enjoys when Pari plays with her.

Myra loves when Pari reads books to her.

Pari loves to call her by different names: Motichur laddoo, sissy-wissy, Myrie etc. And Myra loves when her big sis plays with her.

Love to see the sisters bonding 🙂




As you turn 8 !!!

Dear Pari,

As you turn 8, here is your most favorite Annual Questionnaire, we did today. Well, let’s begin:

1. Favorite TV Show – My Little Pony

2. Favorite Color – Green & Black

3. What do you want to be when you grow up? – Fashion Designer, Artist, Singer, Games & Robot Engineer (same as last year)

4. Favorite Song – I’m on the Wildside, Ever After High- Shining Bright, Party in the USA.

5. Favorite Movie– Ever After High- Epic Winter, Dishoom

6. Favorite Fruit – Apple & Banana

7. Favorite Food – Pasta

8. Favorite Drink– Cranberry  Juice

9.  Favorite Dessert– cookies & cream ice  cream

11. Favorite Lunch– Puri aloo

12. Favorite Animal– Peacock, Raccoon, and Flamingo.

13. Favorite Season– Winter

14. Favorite Flower– Lily

15. Favorite Book– Ever After High- The Unfairest of them all, Diary of a wimpy kid- old school

17. Favorite Teacher– Miss Patel

18. Favorite Word– Sissy (my sister’s nickname)

19. Favorite Dress– My birthday dress I am going to wear.

20. Favorite Game– Dragon City (in iPad)

21. Anything at home you like most- my sister

22. Favorite Snack @ school– Graham crackers

23. Favorite Shop– Toys r Us, Dunkin Donuts

24. Best Friend– Samriddhi, Nidhi, Ritika, Harsha, Olivia and Jessica

25. Best Vacation ever– Florida

26. Always Carry– Gel pens

27. Favorite Language– English

28. Favorite Craft– All the Canvas paintings

29. Mommy or Papa – most Favorite? – Mommy

30. Mommy@office or Mommy@ home ? – Mommy @ home.

31. Favorite Toy – Lego

32. What do you love to draw?  – Snowman

33. Favorite US President – Barack Obama

34. Favorite Board Game – Chess

35. Favorite song in piano – Old McDonald had a farm

36. Goals– Be better at Math and Reading.

37. Favorite painting I made – The Tree of Life

38. Favorite Subject in School – Writing and Math

DIY Easy Dollhouse with Foam board

This was on my draft from so long. So, posting it now..

On Diwali, Pari’s Dad always make Diwali Gharonda for Pari. And we have been doing this every year. Last year 2015, too, he made very easy Diwali Gharonda or Dollhouse by using foam board or thermocol sheet can also be used. It was done in 2-3 hours. We used 2 sheets of Foam Board from Walmart, Hot Glue Gun (Pari’s Dad loved the glue gun).

  • First cut the foam board in the desired size for the floor.
  • Then cut the two parts for the side wall cum window. Create the window structure as shown in the below pic.
  • And attach them to the floor as shown in the pic (Hope you understand)1-DIY Dollhouse - 1
  • Then measure and cut the foam board sheet and stick to the existing structure as shown in the pic.

2-DIY Dollhouse-2

  • As it was very much blank, Pari decided on some drama on 2 walls. We had this floral Contact Paper, and doesn’t it look so pretty.
  • Next, we will make the roof. Cut another foam board of the same size as the floor, and place it on top.

3-DIY Dollhouse - 3

  • .Like this, and also added a pillar in the down for extra support.

4-DIY Dollhouse - 4

  • And this is how it looked, after we created curtains for windows using streamers and a liitle bathtub and small paper lanterns decorating the terrace.

5-DIY Dollhouse - 5

And  Pari  loves to play with her dollhouse.