Summer Vacation Time !!! Week-1

Hey !!! It’s finally Summer!!! Vacation Time !!!

Pari’s kindergarten got over last to last Friday. She was.. as usual excited about the summer vacation. And I was getting emotional my lil daughter is now grown up as she finished her school year. So in the evening we went to the restaurant along with Pari’s best friend. .. had fun time together. ..
Saturday… we went to Kohls for some shopping and in the evening Pari’s Dad’s friends had come over.
Sunday..being Father’s Day. .. Pari gave me the warning “no more shouting at Daddy today. .. Today he gets to do what he wants to “Plus she gave these gifts.

And they both have started a project – Wall decor Canvas art. This is the beginning. .let’s see how it turns out.

Wall Decor

After being a little senti about my lil daughter completing her Kindergarten, I was all ready to begin the exciting summer vacation with her, and so did Pari. This was my plan.

Morning by 10 o’clock- Get up, get ready, finish breakfast.

10-1: Summer Reading, Hindi Study, a little work of art & design, and Maths.

1-3: Lunch, Making Dinner,TV Time

3-6: Craft, Dance Time

6-8: Playing Outside,Daddy Time.

But this is how we completed her first week.

Monday– Morning: she could not wait for the art work to be finished, and we both were adding glitter to the beautiful chevron painting which was actually her idea and materialized by her Daddy. This is what we did.

Chevron Wall Decor And we did couple of recycled projects too.

Evening-we both are watching Cupcake Wars and drooling over beautiful cupcake display. Made cupcakes too.


Tuesday-Morning: A little of reading -her favorite Piggie and Gerald. The old salt box which she had painted last year to keep her color pencils and markers needed some renovation. So, we got a Hello Kitty Duck Tape, wrapped it up & gave a new shape :)Pen Stand

Afternoon-evening: Playdate with a 5th grader.


Morning: A lazy morning. We both slept after breakfast. No Crafts. Only Watching Cupcake Wars and some other programs on Netflix. A very very lazy day. We did some reading too.


Created two vanity trays with old photo frames, by adding glitter paper. One for my vanity and the other one for keeping Pari’s Dad’s watches. Yet to give some height.

Vanity Tray

Friday Evening: Her Last Dance Class.

Saturday & Sunday- Shopping for friend’s and cooking.

So, this is how, we spent her 1st week of Summer. Totally different from what I had planned. Will post soon about Week-2 :)

Summer of 2014

Well, Summer of 2015 is here, and Pari is already done making plans for this summer.  When I look into my blog to find what I did last summer..oops… nothing .. no entry. .So, before I begin with Summer of 2015.. Will just recall..good times of Summer of 2014.


Pari made this Summer Plan and stuck on bedroom walls. We were able to do all the things except a few. I loved how she was marking on these plans after we completed them.

Summer2014plan1. Go to Beach – This summer we visited Point Pleasant beach and Asbury Park Beach in New Jersey. In Point Pleasant Beach, kids loved the rides at Boardwalk. Parking was real difficult there. I loved Asbury Park more.


2. Strawberry Picking – We had been to Lee Turkey Farm for Strawberry picking. This was real fun. We went with Pari’s friend and had a gala time picking up the strawberries. We went on a Sunday, reached by 2:00 PM and by 3:30 PM we were done :) . Mom & Dad also enjoyed.


3. Swim Lessons – Finally, Pari got enrolled in swimming class. On her first day, she was crying for first 15 minutes, didn’t wanted to get into waters. But her instructor was too cool. By second class, she was enjoying the waters & swimming. At the end of her summer session, mom & dad were so proud of her swimming strokes.

4. Make Popsicle – Yes we did make popsicle with sweetened mango juice, strawberry milkshake, extra sweetened lemonade and  rose syrup.

5. Go to the fair –We visited our County fair with the friends and it was too too fun. The kids enjoyed the rides, so did we.

6. See the fireworks – Kids were so excited to watch July 4th fireworks. We managed to get to see them twice. One at Kennedy Park and the other at Milltown. It’s always great to see these fireworks.

7. Watch a movie at the park – Not done.

8. Zoo – We went to a small petting park in Johnson’s park. Kids loved it. Summer of 2015 will plan to goto a proper zoo :)

9. Art & Craft @ Home Not at all I believe.

10. Playdates – So many playdates.

11. Picnic – We did goto the park and arranged picnic and barbecue. Kids loved it.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Last week, we went to Pari’s closest friend’s birthday party. Pari was so excited for the party and she got a Hello kitty tutu dress from Walmart to attend the party. And these are the pictures of her Birthday party.

Hello Kitty-1The Dessert Table: Hello Kitty Cake, Candies, Fruits Bouquet, Hello Kitty Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello Kitty-2The Cake Table: with Centerpiece.

Hello Kitty-4Full view of the room and decorations

Hello Kitty-5A very perfect decorations. in the basement. All the decorations are party supplies from Party City.

Games: Kids played lots of games seriously around 10 and they had loads and loads of fun, and loved to collect gifts after every game. Moms also played games: blowing balloon in 1 minute and Mom’s race with egg on spoon with balloon in between the feet. I could not blow a single balloon ;) even though Pari could easily blow 1 balloon.

Food: Chicken, Gobi Manchurian, Pizza and cakes, cupcakes, fruits, Cranberry Juice and Soda.

Return Gift: Hello Kitty t-shirts,  and all the Hello kitty themed party favors.

Frozen Birthday Party

Yes, even my dear Pari is still smitten by Frozen. And, for her 6th Birthday Party, she wanted a frozen Birthday Party. Thanks to Pinterest, and all the lovely ladies from where I got inspired and got ideas to finally execute the Birthday. Pari had a blast in the party and enjoyed the preparation.

Birthday Invite: This year, Frozen Birthday invites were sent by email.

Birthday Invite

Party Decorations: These are few pictures of the party decor. The stickers I bought from AC Moore with 50% off, and it came out pretty cheap.







Plastic tablecloth from Dollar Store used as decoration.


Table clothes, balloons and danglers were bought from Walmart.


Frozen Movie Quotes. I got this from pinterest.Deco1

Cake: We got the cake from BJs: Gold cake with Strawberry Mousse filling. Here is frozen themed cake. Kids loved it. Though, later I thought if it was Anna- Elsa cake, it would have been more picture-friendly.


Appetizers: Pinwheel Puffs, French fries, Olaf’s Cheese (Cheese sticks), Olaf’s Arms (Pretzel Sticks), Dry Chicken


Food Table-1

Dinner: Pav Bhaji, Pizza, Noodles



Desserts: Marshmallow’s snowballs ( Rasagulla), Snow cream with Anna’s sprinkles (Vanilla ice cream with M&M, nuts & sprinkles).

Drinks: Blue Punch ( Blue Hawaian punch+Sprite+Pineapple juice+lemonade), 100% Apple Juice, Mango Juice.

Return Gifts:

Frozen Olaf / Anna-Elsa Coin bank + Frozen Stickers+ Frozen worksheets


Kids played the games: Pin the nose on Olaf, Find the difference, and Tattoo Corner

Pin the nose on Olaf Game

FindtheDifferenceGamePari Dress up:

Pari wore a cobalt blue dress, Elsa Tiara, Turquoise necklace, and blue shimmery nail paint. Pari made this necklace with the beads we bought from Walmart.



Pari loved her birthday party and she already has made the plan for her next birthday: My Little Pony.

I told her,1 year is a big time, you might change your plan :)

After this birthday party, these are my thoughts: Kids love birthday parties. They don’t bother much about decorations: water bottle labels, food labels, and Themed decorations etc. They only love: cakes, pizza, ice-cream and goody bags. Also, they love to play games. Keep Birthday party simple with lots of games & gifts. :)

Pari lost her tooth

My lil daughter is now big..She lost her first tooth today while having dinner and she swallowed it :)
She cried a lot saying tooth fairy will not give her coin.
But Papa dear consoled her saying your tooth is missing.. Tooth fairy will find it..So, Pari wrote a letter and slept with the hope of finding some coin under her pillow..
Will update with the pics later..
She had her first loose tooth on Friday April 3rd morning.

Disney World Day 2: Magic Kingdom Trip -1

MagicKingdomThe second day of our trip was at the most magical place: Magic Kingdom. To begin with here is the pic of our resort: All Star Sports Resort.

AllStarSportsWe reached Magic Kingdom by 9:00 AM. We missed the welcome show :(. It was real crowded. Anyways, we were still excited, this is the first look of Town Square as we enter the Magic Kingdom.

TownSquareHere it goes, the first look of the most magnificent Castle. My dream of so many years of seeing the mesmerizing castle. I stood there frozen for few seconds.

CinderellaCastleWe entered through the Castle, and glancing over Bibbidi Bobbadi Boutique, Anna Elsa Wait Time more than 90 minutes, we hopped on to “Mad Tea Party”. Pari loved it.

Then we moved on to Tomorrowland, and got ready to ride on “Tomorrowland Speedway” (Wait time <5 minutes). Didn’t enjoy much.

Our next ride was “Dumbo the Flying Elephant” in Fantasyland. Pari Loved it. We did it again.

DumboWe then moved on to “The Barnstormer featuring Goofy as the Great Goofini”, a mini roller coaster. We enjoyed but Pari did not enjoy a little bit.

To cheer her up, Dad & Pari played and got soak in “Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station”.

Our next stop was “Pete’s Silly Sideshow” to meet Daisy & Minnie.



We then strolled to the castle, and just next to the castle, we saw Cinderella’s step sisters were there. It was a long queue. We got into the line, and got to know that Princess Tiana has meet & greet very nearby, and the wait time was pretty less. So, Pari’s Dad got in the queue, and me & Pari ran to get to meet Tiana. We were back in 10 minutes :).

Meeting with princess Tiana was good. She enjoyed the autograph book. Pari asked her about Prince Navin. She said, he will come by the evening.

Meeting step sisters was so funny. They were doing all the comedy & playing & making fun with the kids. Lady Tremaine loved Pari’s autograph book, and started telling her about their pet cat. Then, they showed their favorite dance moves. We both danced with them :). When I asked Drizella to please smile for the photograph. She said: “Oh, I can’t. It will spoil my makeup”. :)

CinderellaStepsistersNow, was the time for our fast pass at Enchanted tales with Belle. We reached on time. Kids were invited to volunteer in the play.

EnchantedTalesPari was picked up by the cast member to play Maurice’s horse. She did her job very nicely.

Pari as Maurice'shorseIn the end, they did a parade with Belle, hugged her and got the gift of a bookmark. That was the most enjoyable experience. withBelleWe came back to the castle again to find the very beautiful and the most spectacular show was going on- Dream Along with Mickey show. It was a 20-minute show with the very beautiful song- Everything is possible, Wishes do come true, you just have to believe in your dreams.

DreamAlongwithMickeyAfter this was over, another road show started “Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party”. This show was too good. After the Cast Member’s dance performance, guests were invited to dance in the street with the performers. We got chance to dance with Genie, Phineas & Ferb, Baloo, Chip-n- Dale, Woody, King Louie, Goofy.

StreetDancePartyNearby, there was meet and greet for Princess Merida. It was a long queue, I got in the queue and Pari & Dad went out to check the nearby restaurant to find out if we could get anything vegetarian, other than salad, which Pari could eat. Meeting with Princess Merida was good, Pari got a chance to try on her hand with bow & arrow too.

MeridaNow, it was lunch time and we reached The Pinocchio Village Haus, there we could get Cheese Pizza. We had ordered Caprese Flatbread, Cheese Pizza with yoghurt, and grapes, and a Chicken burger.

LunchatMKAfter we were done with the lunch, and taking rest for a while, Pari insisted on going on a ride on ‘Prince Charming Regal Carrousel’. It’s really very big and so enjoying. A lovely, and hardly any wait must-to-do ride.

Our next stop was ‘It’s a small world’. Nice relaxing slow ride. Dad was really tired by this time, and enjoyed his short nap. Now, it was time to meet Tinkerbell using fastpass. We strolled over the Main Street, exploring all the photo sessions with the Castle, and reached Tinkerbell. It was really really awesome meet. Pari’s Dad’s favorite Disney character Tinkerbell. After Pari was done, he too went on to take his autograph. And, she happily gave him lot-n-lots of pixie dust.

We then hopped on to the Magic Kingdom Railroad at Main Street station, and got down at Frontier-land station-Splash Mountain.

On the way to Splash Mountain, we saw Woody & Jessie’s Meeet & Greet, it was a long queue, we didn’t wait. We got on the Splash Mountain- 15 minutes wait with fastpass. We both loved it, though it was a bit too much for Pari. After the ride, she told: “mummy, you got to give me a gift. I really did a great job in this ride :)”. So, in the evening at hotel, she got her gift “Elsa Doll”.

Now, we were too much tired, came back to Main Street station, and reached Main Street to watch the Spectacular show “Frozen Holiday Wish”. We got to see Christoff, Olaf, apart from Anna & Elsa.

FrozenCastleIt was evening, a bit cold, bit hungry, we sat at a perfect place to view Night time parade and Fireworks.The park was opened till 9:00 PM, and the programs were over by 8:30. so, we left the park. Came to the resort, had dinner, and dozed off..


Next Post: Disney World Day3: Magic Kingdom-2

Kumar Vishwas: Poem Collections -2

This is continued from Kumar Vishwas Poem Collections-1.


koi khamosh hai itna, bahane bhool aaya hoon
kisi ki ek tarannum mein, tarane bhool aaya hoon
meri ab raah mat takna kabhi ae asmanon wale
main ek chidiya ki ankhon mein udanein bhool aaya hoon


humare sher sunkar ke bhi jo  khamosh baithe hain
khuda jaane guroor-e-husn mein madhosh kitna hai
kisi pyaale se poocha hai surahi ne sabab may ka
jo khud behosh ho woh kya bataye ki hosh kitna hai


mohabbat ek ehsaason ki pawan si kahani hai
kabhi kabira deewana tha kabhi meera deewani thi
yahan sab log kahte hain meri ankhon mein pani hai
jo tu samjhe to moti hai na samjhe to pani hai


panahon mein jo aaya ho to us par vaar kya karna
jo dil hara hua ho us pe phir adhikar kya karna
mohabbat ka maza to doobne ki kashm kash mein ho
jo ho maloom gahrai dariya paar kya karna


basti basti ghor udaasi parvat parvat khalipan
man heera bemol lut gaya ..ghis ghis reeta tan chandan
is dharti se us ambar tak do hi cheez gazab ki hai
ek to tera bholapan hai ek mera deewanapan


sab apne dil ke raja hain sabki koi rani hai
bhale prakashit ho na ho par sabki koi kahani hai
bahut saral hai pata lagana kis ne kitna dard saha
jiski jitni ankh hanse hai utni peer purani hai


jiski dhun par duniya nache dil aisa ektara hai
Jo humko bhi pyara hai aur jo tumko bhi pyara hai
jhoom rahi hai sari duniya jab ki humare geeton par
tab kahti ho pyar hua hai kya ehsaan tumhara hai


hazaaron raat ka jaaga hoon sona chahta hoon ab
tujhe milke main ye palkein bhigona chahta hoon ab
bahut dhoonda hai khud ko tujhme itna thak gaya hoon main
ki khud ko saunp kar tujhko main khona chahta hoon ab

koi manzil nahi janchti safar accha nahi lagta
agar ghar laut bhi aaon to ghar aachha nahi lagta
karoon kuch bhi main ab duniya ko sab accha hi lagta hai
mujhe kuch bhi tumhare bin magar accha nahi lagta

swayam se door ho tum bhi swayam se door hain hum bhi
bahut mash hoor ho tum bhi bahut mash hoor hain hum bhi
bade magroor ho tum bhi bade magroor hain hum bhi
atah majboor ho tum bhi atah majboor hain hum bhi

ye dil barbaad karke isme kyun abaad rahte ho
koi kal kah raha tha tum illahabad rahte ho
ye kaisi shohratein mujhki ata kar di mere maula
main sab kuch bhool jata hoon magar tum yaad rahte ho

pukare aankh mein chadkar to khoon ko khoon samajhta hai
andhera kisko kehte hain ye bas jugnoo samajhta hai
humein to chand taaron mein bhi tera roop dikhta hai
mohabbat mein numaish ko adaayein tu samajhta hai

ki ye urdu bazm hai aur main to hindi maa ka zaaya hoon
zamane mulk ki behnein hain ye paigam laya hoon
mujhe duguni mohabbat se suno urdu zabaan walon
main apni maa ka beta hoon main ghar mausi ke aaya hoon

koi kab tak mahaz soche koi kab tak mahaz gaaye
ilaahi kya ye mumkin hai ke kuch aisa bhi ho jaye
mera mehtaab uski raat ke aagosh mein pighle
mai us ki neend mein jagoon woh mujh me ghul ke so jaye

tumhi pe marta hai ye dil adavat kyun nahi karta
kai janmon se bandi hai bagawat kyun nahi karta
kabhi tum se thi jo wo hi shikayat hai zamane se
meri tarif karta hai mohabbat kyun nahi karta

main jab bhi tez chalta hoon nazaare chooth jate hain
koi jab roop gadta hoon to sanche toot jate hain
main rota hoon to aakar log kandha thap-thapate hain
main hansta hoon to mujhse log aksar rooth jate hain

Well, these are my favorites of Kumar Vishwas poem. Among these, my all time fav is: koi deewana kahta hai, koi kal kah raha tha tum illahabad rahte ho, ek to tera bholapan hai ek mera deewanapan.., bhramar koi kumudini pe, koi pathar ki murat hai.. Infact, I love all of them :).

I love to watch his each & every concert, and kavi sammelan. I don’t think any youtube video on Dr Kumar Vishwas poems, is there.. i haven’t watched. His views on Hindi and the way he promotes Hindi are really commendable.