New Beginning

Finally … I am sitting and writing on my blog… I have been thinking of writing a blog from so long.. But didn’t manage to get hold of time.. finally .. i decided to do it.. no matter what !!!.. Had to start a blog.. as i believe every day is an amazing day, and after some time, we would remember these wonderful memories as vague..

Well.. this is a blog about my family, our day-to-day affairs, and most importantly, its about my sweetheart Pari. Pari is now 2 years and 10 months. Going to a playschool. She loves colors and enjoy the coloring ..whatever she gets on hands. I will take you to my home tour in my next post… which my daughter has decorated over these months…

I have given her enough freedom of expression… and this has given her the love for colors.. I used to get her different nail paints to identify the colors.. and her love for nail paints & colors is amazing.


2 thoughts on “New Beginning

  1. I’m hooked already πŸ™‚

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