Year that was

Its Time to reflect back and recall the moments of joy and appreciate them and also moments of pain to learn and get stronger. See.. I dont remember much ..about the last year.. Thats the need to have the memories inked somewhere

Family : My mom came as a surprise visit after Dussehra

Home : Home has been in the worst ever condition this year. – Fail fail fail.
Rearrange the current house – fail

Work : No significant achievement in work.

Travel : went to Tirupati with Pari during August

Finances : Started on investing in Quantum Mutual Fund – Better .. but need to do more..
I was able to cut down my weekend expenses by not visiting the mall — Good Good
Eating out-Great treat on my Birthday (Jan).. Mama, mausi and we… went to Zuri
Managed to

Kid : Pari started school this year — First school was a nasty experience. Her second school is wonderful ..
Tried to do some craft activities with the kid – Smiles
Kid started school this year – Happiness and Pride

Hobbies : In Kitchen: experimenting a lot…:)
With the help of my friend, managed to

Health : My Health has been ok this year.
A’s health — throat infection.. and stomach problems –bad, bad..

Books : Did almost no reading this whole year – Feeling sad.
Hopefully more will be read in the coming new year. – Hope

Mood : The mood throughout this year has been very high and full of excitement.. As I managed to put my hands on almost entire thing.. & thanks to internet.. I have been able to understand lots of other things.. Love to explore

Overall : A great. year …..looking forward to the new year ..

Highlights of the year :


2 thoughts on “Year that was

  1. nice account of the year gone by…it helps to come back review for the current year as to what else has to be done gets into the radar 🙂

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