Warli Painting

 We have a wall.. whch got painted red.. & we both didnt like the shade.Always thinking when we will have a makeover to get a different color.And one day, Pari, as the  great scribbler she is …startedd to use chalk on this wall…and it came up really good… And now I am happy with  my red devil wall…:)
So, I didn’t miss the chance to just show her the warli people, very welll inspired by MM.
Pari adding the feather touch to warli people
Please excuse me for the quality of photographs
We did the entire tutorial by making the warli potato stamps
Pari seems quite busy with her stamps

3 thoughts on “Warli Painting

  1. I love the children who do craft and their mothers who encourage them 🙂 YAY to Pari and her mom!

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