Finally I am done with my plans for this Year

Finally I have decided on my plans for this year.

For Pari

  • Get her to eat Fruits, Vegetables & Curd
  • Increase her social circle so that by Next B’day in Feb 2013, she has atleast 5 friends
  • Increase Dancing sessions 3 sessions per week
  • Get the library membership ..
  • Swimming.
  • Getting her to explore these places in Bangalore
  • Metro ride in Namma Bengaluru
  • Gemini circus. But after reading Shruti’s post.. thought of skipping it.
  • Cubbon Park- Aquarium
  • Lalbagh – Just crayons and coloring pages
  • Monkey maze, Sakes and Ladders
  • Sutradhar
  • Wonderla – during Summer
  • Mysore Zoo – Giraffe
  • The Orange Bicycle
  • Gerry Martin Farm
  • A dance party to be organized every 2 months for her friends. Starting from April’ 2012.

Super Mom

  • Work faster.. I think a lot rather than working. I take 1 and half hour to cook dinner for family of 3 😦
  • Be more humorous
  • Be creative…I am not at all Creative 😦
  • Be more frugal.
  • Manage the portion to be cooked. Avoid food waste.
  • Be regular in Pooja at home.
  • Kick off an organized Day
  • Wake up Early
  • Take a Break, Eat Well, Laugh a Lot
  • Devise an Ideal Week Timetable
  • Innovative Lunch Box Ideas.
  • No panic
  • Maintain cool all the time.

Personal Health & Beauty

  • Look Good to Feel Good
  • Whenever leaving home, apply kajal & a lip gloss, perfume spray
  • Walk a lot …
  • Do one thing at a time, and keep kitchen clean while working
  • Get up early. I have alarm at 7:00 am. Try to get up at 6:45 am
  • Make more friends and nurture the ones I have
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  • Work on the Professional Goals
  • Stay Mindful-everyday
  • Be more money/Investment Savvy

Home Improvement

  • Grill at the balcony.
  • A new curtain for the Hall
  • A masterpiece … Pari’s photo on canvas or my Madhubani painting..ha ha
  • I need Aloe Vera plant and coriander plant.
  • Personal touch for the home.
  • Angry Birds Clock.


  • Flower Vase- clay pot with ceramic work.
  • Madhubani painting
  • Warli Painting
  • CD Coaster.
  • Paint the achamani & 3 more pooja thali.
  • Ceramic Name Plate.
  • Cooking Skills-Salads- Caesar, Waldorf, Thousand Island, Coleslaw
  • Hands on Baking.
  • Read one fiction book & one professional book.

TravelWishlist: This year, for sure.. will go for a vacation. All these days, only going either to my native or PP’s native.. L. Now Pari is big .. so can be easily manage.


2 thoughts on “Finally I am done with my plans for this Year

  1. whoa mastt list that 🙂 so how many of it have been checked so far ?

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