Home Made Paints

As soon as Pari sees colour paints..she gets so excited that she finishes the entire box of colours within an hour..and the next day.. is like.. “mujhe colors chahiye..kyun nahi dete ho..”
She has graduated from the crayons.. and loves experimenting with brushes.
So, I thought of getting her involved and created home made paints. I used the recipe from here.
I had only yellow and green food color
I managed to made a cone .. from milk packet. ( I have just started on learning these)
Poured the paint in the cone and the end result was wonderful. We both enjoyed a lot.
Here  is Pari.. using the home made paint to decorate her Christmas tree.
I am planning to get a chair & table for her … or a dining table… Still thinking …

2 thoughts on “Home Made Paints

  1. I’m getting so many ideas for Chirpy from your blog,thanks re 🙂

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