Coffee Painting with Kid

This weekend, we did Coffee Painting, inspired from here & the end result was stupendous.. First we took the same picture…colored in pencil.. Pari is not so much interested in using color pencils.. still she did it.. Was so much excited while crumbling the paper…Prepared the coffee color as instructed.. & painted it with brush..So simple… 🙂

We still had some coffee paste left.. Took out Pari’s old crayons color..crumbled it and painted with coffee..Amazing contrast..isn’t it.

Please excuse for the bad quality of photograph..A newbie..learning the tricks of photography

Linking to It’s Playtime & Colors Dekor


5 thoughts on “Coffee Painting with Kid

  1. Wow! That’s turned out beautifully! I wouldnt believe u that pari doesn’t want to use pencil!! Sure will be an amazingly talented artist!

  2. this is like awesome idea….bookmarked yet again 🙂

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