Eco-friendly gift wrap

As I had mentioned in my ealier post, Pari is not able to paint on tissue paper. So, I gave her chart paper to just experiment with brushes, with all the colors, all the different strokes, and all the different stamps.

I had something in my mind to use these papers to create some illustrations. But, what happened is, we had to go for a b’day party. Gift I had taken long back, but wrapping was pending. Then I saw this post, and thought of wrapping the gift by Pari’s art work as our contribution to Earth Day celebrations. And just have a look at the way it has turned out.. Amazing..Isn’t it.

Eco-friendly gift wrap

This “Eco friendly Gift wrap” is our attempt to participate in Earth Day Celebrations.

Mommy Labs


7 thoughts on “Eco-friendly gift wrap

  1. Love ur blog here! Glad to see you used ur daughter’s artwork for wrapping paper, it makes things personal and also saves paper:) Most of my daughter’s artwork get upcycled as either cards or wrapping paper.
    Thanks for the link love

  2. this sure is a fab idea 🙂 Loved it!

  3. hmmmm it is gr8 idea

  4. Hi !! I am your recent followers . Thanks for the great ideas. I got really grateful by your Eco-friendly Gift Wrap ideas .

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