Nature Walk: Nandi Hills

Ah, my travel plans are working it seems.. 🙂 We managed to go to Nandi hills this weekend. Much thnx to Bittu offcourse… The trip was excellent.. It was 70 kms from our home, and it seems Pari got bored and was just asking after every 5 minutes. “Mummy pahunch gaye?? (Did we reach?)” On the way, we passed through the grapes farm..Pari was so happy to see this.

So, we reached at the top, and had a splendid view of Bangalore

Pari enjoying in the slides, and the Tree House, and then finally leaving…

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8 thoughts on “Nature Walk: Nandi Hills

  1. oh my gosh.. That looks like such a lovely nature walk.. I’ve always wanted to go for one.. and simply walking around.. listening to the birds,trees, bees and breeze.. *sigh*.. Can it get any more gorgeous!! 🙂

  2. Loved ur nature walk to Nandi hills.i was reading some bloghops at Roopa putti blog came across,Nandi nature walk.

  3. wow the weather was fabulous it seems 🙂

  4. I see… I mean just see… or happen to see 🙂

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