Teacher’s Day Craft: Stupendous effort by Pari’s Dad.

Have you ever seen a Dad doing crafts with a very small kid, who is very messy & doesn’t follow instructions at all !!! Well, I have never seen any.. until I saw my own husband… 🙂 Really..Just have a look at the below pic.

Pari is back to Bangalore with PP, but I am still in Singapore 😦 She also started going to school there..

So, it was a weekend before Teachers Day-5th Sep. At noon, they started this activity, and completed by evening. Image

Can you believe this..masterpiece created by Pari with all efforts by her Dad..I have no words..to describe this feeling.

This butterfly has wings of Pari’s own random painting on papers, flowers created by the punches, which I recently shopped in Staples. And everything is recycled, including kitchen roll, or it’s a biscuit box?? Mystery to be resolved 🙂

What a wonderful creation.. Isn’t it ? Even I can’t do this so perfectly. 🙂


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