Celebrations ….

1) Diwali celebration: Celebrated Diwali in a very elegant way, had special guests @home. Prepared below menu

  • Cornflakes Chivda
  • Fruit Custard
  • Sweet Corn Halwa
  • Ras Malai- (made with Haldiram Rasugulla)
  • Dahi Vada
  • Kathal ki sabzi
  • Chhola
  • Puri
  • Matar Pulao

Sweet CornRasmalai

Hubby dear made beautiful ‘Gharonda’ for Pari, we decorated her house with paper pom-poms, and she loved her house & all the decorations.

Diwali-GharondaDiwali Gharonda2


2) Satyanarayan Pooja: On the day of Karthik Poornima, (28-Nov-2012) we had Satyanarayan Pooja @home. The entire function was too good.Pari enjoyed a lot. I too felt very happy to perform pooja @ home after 2 and half years, and that too in my decorated arti thali. Lunch Menu:

  • Puri
  • Peas Pulav
  • Chhola
  • Aaloo-Parval
  • Dal


3) It seems New Year is bringing on many parties. Hubby Dear is always attending the parties. On a friday (30-Nov-2012), he attended 4 functions, yes offcourse without me. If both of us were there, he would be able to attend only one of the functions 🙂

4) Sundeep’s marriage reception in Hyderabad (8-Dec-2012). The party was too good .. Only veg items, and that too so exotic. Could not think of anything in veg, which was not there in the party menu. Amazing dinner.

5) Hyderabad Biriyani Feast @ Hyderabad in Bawarchi & Paradise. Lip-smacking.

6) Neetu Birthday celebrations !!! on 11-12-12 @ Barbecue Nation, Indiranagar. Excellent Service.


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