Pooja/Aarti Thalis

Here goes the pic of the pooja Thalis, on which I have been working on these days. Very simple to make

  1. Paint any stainless steel plate with enamel paints. I used Asian Paints enamel paint ( the ones that are used to paint window or door. Difficult to remove the paint from brushes, once it dries)
  2. Allow it to dry in sun for 4 hours or leave overnight.
  3. Stick kundan/sitara/jewels using fevicryl fabric glue according to the design.
  4. Use 3D outliner cone to make the designs.
  5. Once, it’s complete, and all dried, apply a single coat of varnish to get the shine.
  6. With this varnish, your jewels will never come out and it becomes water-proof. While cleaning the paint, never scrub. After few months, if you feel, the plate is losing it’s shine. Apply a coat of varnish again.

My first creation

Pooja Thali

I learnt this from my friend ‘S’ (Dino’s mother), She is a wonderful artist. This thali has been made by using home-made 3D outliner (with ceramic, fabric colors and fevicol) with much help from S. This was the first time I used a cone.

So, the next time, when S was not around, I decided to use 3D outliner cones (from Fevicryl & Faber Castell). You can see very well, how much  I have improved :).

Kalash & Thali




My photography skills on Aarti Thali 🙂



2 thoughts on “Pooja/Aarti Thalis

  1. Hi there. Thank uo so much for your detailed information. I tried to use #D cone outliner from fevicryl . But still it very liquidy to me. I want to make very intricate design. But this one is not helping me. Any suggestion?

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