@Marina Beach, Chennai

These days , we have been travelling so much. Got a chance to visit Chennai in mid-Feb. Chennai weather was good, Not much hot. Wanted to explore Chennai, Visited Pondy Bazaar @ T Nagar. Had delicious Idlis & Dosa at Murugan Idly’s.  Next day, We had no other plans other than visiting Marina Beach. Pari was so excited to see the beach. We reached the beach @ 4:00 PM. It was hot, but not much humid.

Marina Beach, here I come.Marina Beach, here I come

Lovely sea

Pari enjoying in Marina Beach

As soon as she saw the water, she immediately rushed and started enjoying the lovely waves. Playing with waters on her own.

I didn’t get into water, so I was just clicking pictures of shadows, Leg impressions.

Marina Beach

After all the water play, we also collected lots of sea-shells. Pari went for horse riding. Had ice-cream. Still deciding which flavor. This time she had Grapes. Which Flavour

Next, Time for some Bhelpuri & Gun Shooting. All of us did it.

aha Bhelpuri

Gun Shooting

This is the Status of Balloon ( 6 gone out of 10 shots). Hope to improve in next visit. 🙂


After this, Pari did shopping for her balloons.

Very Imp Baloons shopping for Pari

It was now 6:30.Took a glimpse of Gandhi Beach and then headed towards our Hotel.

Gandhi Beach

Gandhi Beach 2


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