Pari Shopping in Sikkim

Being in Sikkim after so many years..4 years to be precise, me & Pari are enjoying our stay at this loveliest & the most beautiful place in India. Will post about the outings in Sikkim very soon. But the one thing which I was so amused to see is Pari’s style of shopping.

Her love for footwears, We were roaming in a very small market, and Pari saw these cute little caterpillar crocs. Isn’t it amazing… Both of us were like ‘awe’. Will buy some more  for sure..Costed only 120/- It’s a great deal.

Caterpillar crocs2



******Updated to add one more shopping item**********

After few days, Pari again insisted on another footwear.

cute sandalsThis one is also cute. Didn’t cost much. Just 240/-. But I didn’t wanted to buy. But this 4YO knows what to wear and how to convince mama to buy, offcourse without tantrums.



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  1. oh my gosh.. Sikkim.. such a gorgeous place.. How lovely.. Im sure you guys had a fabulous time.. 🙂

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