My Food experiments

My experiments with Food: These days I have been experimenting a lot and I would love to keep record of these first timers..

1. Cheese Garlic Bread: Pari loves this extremely…Her everyday evening snack.  I just microwave butter & chopped garlic for a minute.  Apply butter & garlic on the French bread (or any other bread). Evenly spread Mozzarella Cheese on the bread. Heat on tava or in the oven (if making more…) till Cheese melts. For added flavors, at times, I used oregano.

2. Tomato Salsa: The first Mexican recipe, I tried is Fresh Tomato Salsa from this wonderful site. Served with Nachos in the recent get-together at home, & it was a hit. everybody loved it. I made 2 versions:

(1) Fresh tomatoes de-seeded and finely chopped, I didn’t want it too spicy, I added red & yellow green peppers, green chillies, onions, fresh lime juice, & oil.

(2) In the second version, I used the same ingredients as above. & also added cream cheese & ranch salad dressing to tone down the chilly.


3. Stuffed Jalapeno peppers: My most risky experiment, getting my husband to eat this pepper, the most challenging task :). His first expression was worth a million smile. It’s very-very difficult for him to handle peppers of this intensity & his comments when asked if you want me to repeat this recipe: Next time try with green capsicum, not with jalapeno :). I used recipe from this wonderful site.

Stuffed Jalapeno

4. Guacamole : Again recipe from this authentic Mexican recipe site. Served with Nachos. It’s must on my repeats list.

5. Mini Sub Sandwich: Mix all these: Chopped onions, yellow, red, green peppers, romaine lettuce, salt, lime juice, black pepper, ranch dressing, Lightly toast the mini-subs with butter. Apply this spread along with shredded cheese and serve.


6. Brahmi Mocktail: Used the recipe from this wonderful site: Instead of strawberry syrup, I used Brahmi Sharbat. It was amazing.

Lovely Drink

On my To-Do List

1. Chocolate Brownies

2. Butter Cookies

3. Pizza Dough

4. Pineapple Cake

5. Aaloo Tart


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