What a fun Summer time!!!

I can’t believe it’s true but me & Pari spent exactly 4 months of vacation together, And I must say, it was whole lot of fun !!! Apart from all the travel & vacations, which I will write later, we did lots of interesting things. As she is eagerly waiting for her school to start from Monday, and I am in my memories how we spent these time, so much involved that I didn’t even reach  my blog.

1. Cakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes– Pari loves to bake cupcakes and loves to style the cake, and so do I. Me, being such an amateur in the world of baking just trying to learn the ABCs of baking, take lots and lots of help from Pari. I never bake when she is not around. I love when she sits on the dining table, and insists all the ingredients to be first kept on the table like this.

All the ingredientsShe mixes butter, sugar and chocolate chips so well.

I ll mix

It's all done

Then she sifts the flour.

Pari helps in making cupcakes

Then she mixes all the dry ingredients and add onto wet ingredients. Next, I do the finishing touch and keep everything in oven. Once the cake is ready & it’s cooled down, she loves to decorate it with cream and colorful sprinkles.  This one is, when we were trying to make pineapple cake for PP’s B’day. She loves to make these cakes, but will never ever eat it. No reason why.

An attempt to pineapple pastry

I read somewhere, if you involve kids in cooking, they would get more interest and their eating habits would change. But alas, it doesn’t happen with me.

2.  Cookies, Donuts – Pari loves to help me a lot when I am baking, because she knows it involves lots of mixing, and she is more than happy to lend her hand. And me, being such a messy mama, I will whole heartedly accept it. Even though it takes a full hour to  clean up. In these 4 months, we made cookies so many times may be 6 times. These are the pictures of among the first timers. Pari loves to cut all the shapesLet me cut the cookie

and Here is all her effort. Ready to Bake. I love the heart ones.

Aha!!Lovely shapes

And, these are the pictures when we were making whole wheat flour jam filled cookies.

Jam filled cookiesBelow ones are all decorated by Pari with help of M&M and choco-chips

Cookies M&MHelped in cutting the donuts shapes as well.

DonutsNo photos of completed picture, as they got finished as soon as they were out of fryer

3. Pizza – Love to apply sauce and sprinkle cheese on pizza. The portion which has lots and lots of cheese is offcourse for Pari.I help in making pizza

4. Crafts – We did couple of Crafts.

Paper plate Parrot inspired from Artsy Craftsy Mom

Paper Plate Parrot

Ice Cream Stick Bookmarks inspired from Artsy Craftsy Mom again

Icecream Stick Animals

5. Some Drawing, Coloring and Painting

Let the pictures do the talking


Lovely Fishes

Princess Coloring

Completed Picture

This is the completed picture.

6. Colors, Colors and lots of colors : She loves colors and such a coloraholic, she wants to add colors in everything. Be it cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream, cookies and the list goes on. She loves anything which has lots and lots of colors.

Nail Paints

Love for colors-Nail Paint

We Loved making colorful ice-popsicles throughout the Summer. By taste, she likes only orange flavor, but she wants all the colors: green, red & blue in the popsicles. Even I love making these at home, much-much better than popsicles you get at the store.

Colorful Popsicle


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