Pari’s 5th Birthday

Have been drafting this post from so long.. Finally it’s ready !!!


Happy 5th Birthday dear. You have been waiting for more than a quarter months.. when is my birthday..when is my birthday…!!! Finally, we celebrated your 5th Birthday. All my apprehensions were gone, when I saw you enjoying the evening with your school friends. I was more worried when I saw the weather forecast – Snow (1 inch- 2 inches). But, your friends were too good, they arrived on time, and were there till the whole evening.

We both started planning for the Birthday Party one month in advance. Party was from 5:30 PM in the evening.

1. Birthday Party Invitation –

This invitation card we made, with Pari putting up confetti in all the possible colors. I have just erased the Venue in this invitation card.

Birthday Invitation

There was one more invitation card, which she liked a lot, in the shape of ice-cream, all inspired from pinterest.

Ice-cream Birthday Party Invitation

2. Birthday Decor: We really had fun time with the decorations. She made me sit the whole night and make the tissue paper flowers.

Food Counter Decor

Her Dad made the very beautiful “Shubhangi” Banner.

Bdaydecor2Also, he made these balloon decorations with streamers. Aren’t these awesome. Bdaydecor3I loved it. Bdaydecor4  Streamer decor for the doorway.Bday DecorPari reviewing the decorations and providing the expert comments.

Pari Bday Decor

3. Birthday Cake – I wanted to bake a rainbow cake but could not make it 😦 .. So, we finally ordered a pink Barbie cake (her choice offcourse)- Marble Cake with Chocolate Mousse filling- from BJ’s.

Pari Cake

3. Food Counter


Chips: Lays, Doritos-Plain, Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos-Cheese with Salsa.

Drinks: Apple & Eve 100 % Juice (for kids), Fruit Punch (Orange Juice + Lemonade in Sprite with strawberry ice-cube).

Fruits: Honeydew, Muskmelon, Strawberry, Grapes.

Dishes: Veg Noodles, Rainbow Pasta, Veg Biryani, Chicken Curry, Pepper Paneer Butter Masala , Naan, Mix veg Raita.

Dessert: Vanilla Ice-cream, Gulab Jamun, Walnut Choco-chip Cupcake

Food Counter Decor

4. Party Favors- There were 5 things in their goody bags: Princess/ Ocean Art (Deco & Stick), Addition/ Subtraction Flash Cards, Stickers (Princess, Mickey Mouse, Toy story), Chips and packaged Juice.

5. Gifts for School Kids – Her Birthday was on Sunday, so in school, we celebrated on Friday. We bought wooden toys from AC Moore, and wrapped in Sesame Street Gift wrap.

School Gift

School Gift wrap

6. Gifts for Pari: On her 5th Birthday, she received 5 gifts from us and loved them all. She didn’t ask for more. I think, just like me, she finds lots of happiness in small things.

– Minnie Mouse dress up

– Barbie Shoes

– Princess Belle

– Minnie Mouse Coloring Canvas

– Hello Kitty Pari GiftsOops, no pic of Belle.


2 thoughts on “Pari’s 5th Birthday

  1. happy birthday for the lil princess…

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