Festivals of 2013- Diwali

Oh !!! I have been so lazy.. I have loads & loads of items in my draft to be posted. Before i forget, I plan to publish the series of posts of our festivals celebration in 2013.

So, this one is Diwali in 2013- NJ

On Diwali evening, we did Ganesh-Laxmi Pooja.

Diwali Pooja

And then, we performed pooja on Pari’s Gharonda, which her Dad made so lovingly.

Diwali Gharonda poojaPari’s friends enjoying their stay at Pari’s house.

Diwali Pari Gharonda 2

Another view of her beautiful house

Diwali Pari Gharonda 1

Diwali Pari Gharonda 3

In the evening, there was a party @ home with friends. I made Diwali special: Gujiya 🙂

For Dinner, I made Chhole, Paneer Sabzi, Puri, Pulav, Dahi-bade.

Diwali Gujiya


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