Is she Masterchef in Making?

Yes, I do believe so… Look how she reacts ..


I make a dish & give her to eat. She says “Mummy, it’s yummy. How did you make it ?”

OMG… 4.5 YO asking me the recipe …



We are in Michael’s – Bakery aisle. I am looking at some cupcake pans. Pari is looking at heart-shaped cake pans, Hello Kitty shaped pans, and constantly saying “Mummy, please buy these. Mummy pleeze….pleez” & I am avoiding her. & then suddenly she tells me “Mummy, see this is fondant. Pleez-pleez I want it .. ”

Me: pari, I think Fondant doesn’t taste so good…

Pari: okay, fir marzipan hi le lo na plzz.

I don’t know from where she learnt about fondant & marzipan.. I am literally unaware of these things.. Yet to google…


All the kids of her age watch Curious George .. but she watches You tube Videos of Stephanie George from Joy of

Other kids watch Princess movies, Minnie Mouse & she loves to watch videos of My Cupcake addiction Channel on You Tube.


We went to BJ’s for her Birthday cake selection. The lady there, was decorating the cake which she had to deliver, and Pari is happily watching her finishing the work.


Me & Pari are chit-chatting about something. Suddenly she sings ” I love pink lemonade….I love pink lemonade….”

I asked: “Do you like pink lemonade….?”

Pari: “No, I love plain lemonade. But how do we make pink lemonade. Is it made from strawberries”

I said: “Yes”

Pari: “Do you take juice out of strawberries and mix in plain lemonade?” I said “Yes”

Pari: “Don’t do that for me. i love plain lemonade”

Oh, she really digs into every food…


While making cakes, Pari is the one who decides the colors of layers of the cakes. She helps in making the cup, assembling the cake, decorating the cake. On our anniversary, she did the cake with more enthusiasm, and it came out really well, atleast with my standards.



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