Going Shopping with Pari !!!

I was reading this wonderful article written by Priya. It’s really very well written, and says exactly the same thing which I was thinking from past few days. I have never done this intentionally, but this is what I have been doing…especially when we go for shopping.

When go for shopping, I never tell Pari, don’t touch this , don’t touch that. If she wants to look at some items ( which is not with her age, maybe some home decor), I will be with her, and talk about those things and then move on…earlier I avoided her taking to the toy section.. but, now, I allow her to go there & let her explore… and at the end, she is now able to decide well which toy she wants to buy. And, yes, there have been days, when we didn’t buy her anything, and she was happily home.

When we go for shopping for clothes, no toy section, she will have no interest. So, I will still tell her to explore & touch & feel the clothes. Is this soft? or silky? or  look for the patterns, and color: we then have our own discussion about the shades of pink, hot pink, baby pink, lilac, and magenta. When I select jeans for her, she will ask me.. mummy did u check if it’s stretchable. She knows all the patterns and co-ordinates her dresses accordingly. She loves to have polka dots, stripey, and animal prints in her wardrobe collection. She loves to do shopping for me. While writing this, I hope, she develops a good style sense, which her mom is yet to develop.

Ah, Grocery shopping with Pari. The exercise begins at home itself, making the list with her. And in the store, she makes sure, I buy all the things from the list. Plus, the scariest part is: She won’t allow me to buy anything which is not there in the list. I have to take a deviation approval from Papa then. 🙂

Shoes shopping have been so much tiring for me. She loves high heels, and I don’t wear them, but in the store, she will make me to try on all the high heels, until she’s done. For buying her shoes, she loves everything as usual, this time her Dad will let her wear all the shoes and will tell about all the pros and cons of buying and not buying. I hope she is able to take good decisions.

I have given her freedom to decide on lots of things. Yes, there have been some instances, where I have been told that  it was too much to agree on her decision.  Also, there have been times when we have not been in the same side. And, yes, she knows I am her mom.

In nut shell, I love shopping with her, and really enjoy each & every moment.


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