Being Fabulous..

These days, I was reading “Freakin Fabulous” and “Freakin Fabulous on budget” written by the very renowned “Clinton Kelly” co-host of my favorite show “TLC;s “What Not To Wear” and I must say, I am enjoying these books a lot.

Clinton has just mentioned Being Fabulous has no relation to money. Kelly who has penned three other books, says, “I was flat broke for many years — I mean really broke — and I always felt fabulous because I would pay attention to trying my best to have nice things, dress well, eat well. It’s not about taking the easy way out. I really do believe fabulousness is a state of mind.”

Before this book, I never realized and appreciated the fabulousness of my husband… He has a certain aura of being fabulousness on every field. His selection of every piece of wardrobe, his electronic gadgets, his choice of food, drinks and eateries are extraordinary fabulous. He even doesn’t let me get any stuff which is in any way less than fabulous. Everything around him has to be fabulous, but on budget 🙂 and I love it.



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