Planning for Disney


After months and months of planning, we finally visited Walt Disney World on November 2014. We stayed in Disney resort hotels for four days. Well, this post will be series of Disney stories beginning from Disney Planning, Bookings, reservations, tips & tricks for first timers, trip plans for the day, Budget, Actual expenses and lots and lots. So, here I begin.


The idea of going to Disney got planted on Feb 2014 . From that time, I started to explore about Disney. There are tons of information on the internet, lots and lots of sites have wonderful content exclusively for WDW Florida. I even got a book from library, called Passporter’s Guide to Disney World, Florida. After reading all these stuffs, here’s what we thought:

1. We will go on less crowded months, it means October, November, Feb or May.

2. On the trip to the parks, We will not include the weekends just to avoid the local crowds.

3. We would stay in Disney resort hotels.

4. This trip has to be the princess themed for my 5 year old daughter.

So, first of all, I ordered for Disney Vacation Planning DVD from here. And, when we received it in the month of march, then only my husband got to know that I am thinking about this. Pari got excited after looking at the DVD.

I got to know that if the kid write a letter to the Disney Princess in Florida, they will reply with the signatures of all the princesses. We did the same, and we got the response after 3 weeks. This really did a kick-start from Pari’s side. In the end of April & May, we got busy in our other summer vacation travel plans, and forgot all about Disney.

In July, again I started to explore. We wanted to celebrate Pari’s birthday which is on Feb in Disney,¬† we were about to book, but it was really getting difficult for Pari & even me to wait for such a long time. Then I saw some Fall offers in Disney, which was really less than what we were paying for Feb.

It took around 2 weeks of time to finalize the plan. We planned all the permutations & combinations that would fit our budget, and Pari’s Dad office vacation days and came up with this plan: First, we will goto Miami, stay for 2 days, then drive to Orlando, stay at Disney resort for 4 days.

Next Post: How we planned 4- Day Disney trip under $3000.


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