4 day Disney Trip under 3K

Disney Trip under 3K

How we planned 4- Day Disney trip under $3000.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we first planned to visit Miami, and then travel to Orlando by car.

1. Airport Transfers – We got a taxi who dropped us at the airport in 25 minutes for $40 including tip.

2. Newark- Miami – We traveled on Sunday morning flight, which I could buy from my Airlines mileage plus points. My daughter & my husband did not have these points. So, we ended up paying $233.6 (114*2+5.6)

3. Car – After arriving at Miami Airport, we went to the Car rental, and received our car. The experience of picking up the car was superb, and driving it was again too cool with full tank. When we returned the car at Orlando, we paid $95.00 (including gas)

4. Miami Hotel – We had to stay in Miami on Sunday night. One of our dear friend who is a frequent at Marriott Hotel worldwide was generous enough to get us a room in Miami hotel using his membership points. The room was $100 worth, and we paid nothing.

5. Toll Charges & Parking– On Sunday, we drove till Islamorada, Florida Middle Keys, then we returned. On the route, we paid around $13 for toll. The receipt for this was sent by the car rental office weeks after the vacation. On Monday, we went to several places in Miami, and we paid in total around $20 for parking.

6. Disney Resort & Theme park Tickets: As we were staying in Disney All Star Resorts, and that too I selected All Star Sports resort with Standard Room, the cheapest option available 🙂 so we ended up paying $ 1299.00 for all three of us (4-Day Theme Park + 4 night stay). We did not select any dining plan, also we did not buy Memory maker or Disney Photo-pass.

7. Food -At the end of vacation, I was looking at the credit card bills for money spent on food, and it was a real surprise, we did not pay much at all. We paid $360- $400 on food. This includes expenses in Walmart, our dinner & lunches at Theme Park, does not include breakfast with princesses. Yes, we got lots of nutella, peanut butter, Strawberry spread, sandwich bread, muffins, fruits etc from Walmart, Orlando. I will give detailed description of what we ate in my separate posts.

8. Breakfast with princess Belle at The Akershus Dining Hall, Epcot– The most happiest experience in Disney was to see the smile on Pari’s face when the princesses were coming to meet us at the table. Breakfast was awesome, especially as we have vegetarian dietary restrictions. Details to follow later. There, we spent around $134.

9. Souvenirs & Gifts – I had bought 3 gifts for Pari earlier itself, and told her that I bought from Disney :). But after visiting Disney’s souvenir stores, we could not resist buying couple more souvenirs. In total, we spent around $60.

10. Extra Luggage– Yes, we did carry extra luggage, and paid $25 for one trip. As for return trip, it was included in our tickets.

11. Orlando – Newark – We paid $99 *3= $ 297. Yes, we took a chance & did not buy insurance for the trip.

So, in total, we paid $2618 for the trip.

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Airport Transfers to & from Home 80
NEWARK-MIAMI (114*2+5.6) 233.6
CAR (including Petrol) 95
MIAMI HOTEL ($100 Value) 0
Dinner+Lunch+Breakfast 360
Souvenirs & Gifts 60
Breakfast with Princess 134
Parking- Miami 20
Extra Luggage 25

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