As you turn 6

Dear Pari,

As you turn 6, here is the questionnaire for you, the way we do every year.

1. Favorite TV Show – My Little Pony (changed from last year)

2. Favorite Color –  Green ( Oops !! no Pink 🙂 )

3. What do you want to be when you grow up? – Fashion Designer (Last year: Mail man )

4. Favorite Song – Jump up, make a sound – My Little Pony’s soundtrack (Last year: Main rang sharbaton ka)

5. Favorite Movie– Rainbow Rocks (Last year: Dhoom 3)

6. Favorite Fruit – Apple ( without skin) (No change from last year)

7. Favorite Food – Maggi (Last year: Maggi)

8. Favorite Drink– Mango Juice ( Last year: Apple Juice)

9. Favorite Dinner– Pizza (Last year: French fries wale aaloo & roti)

10. Favorite Dessert– Ice cream (Last year: Jelly )

11. Favorite Lunch– Dal & Rice (No change)

12. Favorite Animal– Peacock, Flamingo & Rabbit (Last year: Rabbit)

13. Favorite Season– Spring (No change)

14. Favorite Flower– Lily (Last year: Tulip)

15. Favorite Book– Piggie & Gerald Series All Books (Last year: Dora)

16. Favorite Teacher– Ms Falk ( No change)

17. Favorite Word– My Little Pony (Last year: I Love You)

18. Favorite Dress– Elsa Dress (Last year: Green flower frock)

19. Favorite Game– Bingli Bangli Bo (Pari’s made-up game) (Last year’s Hide & Seek with Papa)

20. Anything at home you like most- TV to watch My Little Pony (Last year: Pom-pom tissue paper flowers)

21. Favorite Snack @ school– Croissant (Last year’s animal crackers)

22. Favorite Shop– Toys r us & Dunkin Donuts (Last year’s: Dollar Tree)

23. Best Friend– Ritkia & Harsha

24. Best Vacation ever– Trip to the most magical place on Earth.  Last year’s : Atlantic City

25. Always Carry– Hello Kitty Toy

26. Favorite Language– English ( Last ysar’s :Hindi)

27. Favorite Craft– Made wooden boat with Papa

28. Mommy or Papa – most Favorite? – Papa  (No change)

29. Mommy@office or Mommy@ home ? – Mommy @ home.

30. Favorite Toy?– My Little pony

31. What do you love to draw? – My little pony


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