Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Last week, we went to Pari’s closest friend’s birthday party. Pari was so excited for the party and she got a Hello kitty tutu dress from Walmart to attend the party. And these are the pictures of her Birthday party.

Hello Kitty-1The Dessert Table: Hello Kitty Cake, Candies, Fruits Bouquet, Hello Kitty Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello Kitty-2The Cake Table: with Centerpiece.

Hello Kitty-4Full view of the room and decorations

Hello Kitty-5A very perfect decorations. in the basement. All the decorations are party supplies from Party City.

Games: Kids played lots of games seriously around 10 and they had loads and loads of fun, and loved to collect gifts after every game. Moms also played games: blowing balloon in 1 minute and Mom’s race with egg on spoon with balloon in between the feet. I could not blow a single balloon 😉 even though Pari could easily blow 1 balloon.

Food: Chicken, Gobi Manchurian, Pizza and cakes, cupcakes, fruits, Cranberry Juice and Soda.

Return Gift: Hello Kitty t-shirts,  and all the Hello kitty themed party favors.


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