Summer Pool Party !!!

We were invited to a pool party, which was Pari’s class fellows Birthday.. And it was really really awesome.. As soon as we reached there (Pari’s Dad dropped us there) , Pari got into the pool, with the floaties and she just enjoyed the cool waters on a warm sunny day. .

PoolDid not came out to enjoy the other slides, swings, trampolines and other stuffs they had beautifully arranged on their backyard.

Slides SwingsNot even for the Snacks: Watermelon, Cut Fruits (PineApple, Grapes, Strawberry), Potato Chips, Doritos

SnacksShe came out for a while, when pizza was served. Had Lemonade and again back to the pool.

Lunch Menu: Caesar Salad, Sandwiches- Italian Sub and Turkey Sub, Pizza

And the next attraction was Zip lines. They made an awesome arrangement for kids having fun.

ZiplinesThe party was a big hit. Then there was cake and juggling balls display by a 13 year old aspiring entrepreneur.. We had a very beautiful lazy Sunday afternoon well spent by getting loads of tan 😦 . But it was really a fun Day.


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