We were going to ‘ Dussehra’ event, and this is what happened on the way,

Pari : What we will do there?

Me: We will have loads of fun.. there will be ravan dahan, ram leela, lots of yummy food and various stalls for shopping.

Pari: What is Ram Leela?

Me: It’s a story about Ram & Sita.. I have told you about this so many times..

Pari: Oh ya ya ya.. wait-wait.. I know… There’s a boy and a girl who went to jungle for camping, and then the other boy draws a line and asks her not to go out but she goes out and a villain kidnaps her..

Me: (almost fainted)– camping .. ha  ha ha ha


Anyways, we reached the venue and surprisingly Pari wanted to watch Ram leela and she was enjoying the superb show.

Me: Pari, this is King Dashrath and he had three wives.

Pari looking at me surprised: How can anyone have 3 wives?

Me: In very olden days, it used to happen. but..

Pari: or Is he Kapil Sharma of Kiss-kiss ko pyaar karoon? He too had 3 wives..right?

Me  I said “ya ya ya” (can’t stop laughing)


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