Diwali Celebrations !!!

While looking at this year’s Diwali pics, I found last year’s Diwali pics are not on the blog. So, here it goes. Last year, 2014 we had a Diwali party @home with 3 families. Kids had gala time.

Party Menu:

Starters: Various Chaat: Dahi Puri, Masala Puri, Papdi Chaat.

Main Course: Puri, Chhola, Pulav, Dahi -Bada

Sweets: Malpua, Gujiya

Diwali Gharonda: Pari’s Dad made Gharonda again with foam board. All the decorations done by Pari and Dad. I wish I could put the tutorial here. But nope, I don’t have step by step pics. he just made a custom house, with Pari’s instructions. And Pari decorated the house with all the stickers and her handmade pictures.

Diwali/Halloween Decor:

  • There were few Christmas lights still left after we were done decorating the house with lights. So, just wrapped and kept on the table.It looked awesome. Though in pic, it’s not looking awesome.
  • Pari’s Dad carved his first Jack-o-lantern. Pari enjoyed a lot.
  • I did not had any big glass bowl. So, just threw some rose petals and tealight candles on the glass, arranged it. and was looking fabulous.
  • And lastly, we arranged the lights in the shape of Diya.

Diwali Cracker Celebrations:

We did few light crackers outside the house with friends and the kids enjoyed it.

On Saturday, went to the nearby temple for lots of crackers. Pari loved it.

Enjoyed Diwali a lot 🙂 🙂 🙂


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