Refresh 2015 !!!

Now it’s time again to look back 2015, and refresh the memories of joy, and appreciate the accomplishments.

Family : We have been spending lovely time with our little princess and enjoying each & every bit of it. Weekdays morning & Evening routine are so much lovely. Every weekday evening, we have to watch ‘Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashmaa’ and some other Hindi Serials. Every Friday is a Movie Night. And every Thursday is Bollywood Gyaan :).

Home : Does not look okay. Not at all especially after watching all HGTV shows. Did lots of changes in my home. Got new sofa, new cushion covers, curtains, paintings, Wall Art. Still Loads to do. Incorporating Konmari techniques.

Travel : This year, we did not travel outside of New Jersey. Summers, we spent in Water Parks and beaches. We went to New York for Fall. Oh, that was a super special trip. A separate post soon.

Finances : Creating Monthly Budget, Tracking and Following the plan. Need to do the Financial Plan for future. Shopping a Lot. Need to control.

Eating out– That’s a good job we do. Not much eating out.

Hobbies :

  • Home Decor – Ongoing. Changed Sofa, cushion covers and curtains. Still thinking of color scheme for living room.
  •  Photography – I love my camera but haven’t done any manual photography.
  •  More Blogging.- It’s not like I don’t have content. I believe I have so much of content that I can write 3 blog posts in a day. But, my laziness drives me crazy. My mind keeps on drafting my blog, but my hands don’t support them 😦 .
  •  Pooja Thali-  Did not finish yet 😦
  •  Baking: I realized I am not good at baking from scratch. It’s better to bake cakes from Duncan Hines. 2015- No bake at all. Using Oven only for roasting sweet potatoes, asparagus, chicken nuggets and french fries.

Health : My Health has not been ok this year. Diagnosed of thyroid, Low Vitamin D, low Vitamin B12, High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar Level. Having some medications and lost weight around 10 lbs.

Books : I read these books:

  • Don’t lose your mind lose your weight – by Rujuta Diwekar
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up- by Marie Kondo  – (Got this book after 3 months of wait time in Library)
  • Love the Home You Have- by Melissa Michaels
  • The Power of Your Sub-conscious mind ( I got this from Library but could not read it and had to return it)
  • Half Girlfriend – by Chetan Bhagat (still not complete)

Pari : Pari completed her Kindergarten successfully. Her studies are so far so good.. Now, she is in 1st Grade, and she is exploring the world of reading. I want to write about her school experiences soon. She is doing good in school. Her art was selected for the 1st prize by NJ Agricultural Society.

Mood : The mood throughout this year has been full of ups and downs…I feel my Inter-personal relationship has been going on very bad. Few of my friends started keeping distance from me and I don’t know I did not even made an effort to revive the relationship. It has never happened to me but it was like it used to become a mess  when I am with that friend.

Diet and Fitness: On good track, need to continue this to the next year.

Now, here is the report card for 2015. ( Goal Vs Achievements)


  • Get her to eat Fruits, Vegetables & Curd.– She is still eating Apple, Banana & spinach, lauki, bhindi (forcefully), her favorite Paneer. 
  •  Pari’s social life – This year, very few play dates.
  •  My Dream came true- seeing her dancing on stage and that too, twice this year..

Personal Health & Beauty

  • Look Good to Feel Good-  2015 was good. Need to work more on eye makeup.
  •  Whenever leaving home, apply kajal & a lip gloss, perfume spray- Done 🙂
  •  Walk a lot …  October & November had been superb on my walking. Reduced weight. Tracking my steps on mobile. 
  •  Do one thing at a time, and keep kitchen clean while working- On the right track 🙂
  •  Get up early. I have alarm at 6:45 am. Try to get up at 6:30 am- hmm 😦
  •  Make more friends and nurture the ones I have – Still to improve
  •  Drink at least 8 glasses of water – 😦
  •  Stay Mindful-everyday – yes-yes offcourse. I have so many things.
  •  Be more money/Investment Savvy- MF, Life Insurance, Financial Planning, Budget Savvy- 🙂



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