My Little Pony Birthday Party !!!

For her 7th Birthday, Pari wanted to have ‘My Little Pony’ Birthday party. This was her plan from last year. She also wanted to have a Pinata and Bean Bag Toss Game. The party was there in the afternoon at 12:30 PM on Feb 7th. Invitation card was sent 3 weeks prior by email.


All the kids with their Moms arrived by 1 PM. Pari’s friends’ age group varied. Guest Lists

Age group 6-7 :  8 girls and 5 boys

Age group 1-3 years: 2 girls and 1 boy

Age Group 11-14 years: 2 Girls

It was fun arranging for the party. When the friends came, Pari gave stickers to everybody. And when everybody got settled, after usual hullabulloo, they started the game: DIY ‘Bean Bag Toss Game’ Very nicely, all the kids queued up, and waited for their turn.

Bean Bag Toss Game

Meanwhile, Pari started to put Tattoo on everybody ( as soon as friends were done playing Bean Bag Toss Game, they lined up for tattoo).


And when the kids were done with tattoo, they moved over to write messages for Shubhangi in the DIY Message Board.

DIY Message Board (2)

Then the Kids and Mom moved over to the Food Station for some snacks.

On the Menu: French Fries, Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets, Spinach Pakoda, Lays Potato Chips, MLP Cupcakes, Rainbow Fruit Platter (Strawberry, Clementines, Honeydew, Blueberry), Veggies – Broccoli, carrot, celery with Sabra Hamas.

Drinks: Pink Lemonade and 100% Apple Juice.


Party Fruits Veggies

After this, the kids had free play time, and the girls hopped on to Rarity’s Fashion Boutique for their crowns and nail paints.

Rarity Fashion Boutique

Girls were really excited with their crowns.

Girls Nail Paints

Now, it was a cake time and all the girls had crowns and all the boys had birthday party hats. My Little Pony Cake was from BJ’s. And it got smudged a little while Pari’s Dad was getting it. I thought Pari will get sad, but she wasn’t. She said “that’s fine.. not a problem” :).

MLP Cake

After the cake cutting, kids started on the game: Musical Chair. Pari wanted to play this game, and in the end, she won. Kids were asked to pick up a gift from My Little Pony Gift Box as soon as they were out from the game. It was real fun for the kids and everybody enjoyed so much. Have no pics for it.

As soon as they were done, pizza arrived and kids couldn’t wait to have it. After the pizza, there was a long session of photo sessions using DIY Photo frame. Kids and Moms took lots and lots of photos.

DIY Photo Frame

It was 3 PM now. Time for lunch and Pinata.

Lunch Menu: Chicken curry, Shahi Paneer, Navratan Korma, Achari Aloo, Costco Naan, Dahi-vada, Saffron Rice.

Lunch Menu

After the lunch, it was Pinata Time. Pari was so excited. We had made a My Little Pony pull-string pinata. One string was made Master String, but didn’t worked :). I had to push the cardboard and let the candies and other party favors fall. It was fun. Pari was so happy and she checked with everybody to ensure everybody got something :).

Pari said goodbye to all her friends with return Gifts. It was indeed a memorable Birthday. She was really tired by the end of the day. And she said “It was my Best Birthday party ever”. She was really happy. But i felt bad, because I forgot to serve Ice-cream :(.

Well, for the decor, here are few of the pics.

MLP Decor-4Food Area DecorMLP Decor-3MLP Decor1MLP Decor-2

How I planned the perfect Birthday Party and DIYs coming soon….



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