Refresh 2016

Now it’s time again to look back 2016, and refresh the memories of joy, and appreciate the accomplishments.

Family : The biggest achievement is the addition of new member… Myra .. our little bundle of joy. She is 2 months now. And now our family is complete.

Home : Does not look okay. This year was really difficult, with my difficult pregnancy and delivery. I have not been able to take care of our beautiful home. Only bought lots of stuff because of the baby and our home feels over-crowded already.

Travel : Ahh… no travel. Went to a local water park and a beach. That’s it.. Lots and lots of doctor visits.

Finances : Did loads of shopping online during Thanksgiving. And now I am an online shopping pro.

Eating out– Yepp.. this year we ate a lot outside. Went to iHop, Panera Bread, and couple of new Indian Restaurants for indo-chinese, biryani, samosa, vada pav etc..

Hobbies : I watched lots of YouTube videos of Kapil Sharma, Sandeep Maheshwari, Robin Sharma, Amit Tandon, Kumar Srivastava, Anamika Amber.

  • Home Decor – nope
  •  Photography – Bought my first prime lens f1.8. But didn’t do any manual photography.
  •  More Blogging.- Got so busy in my pregnancy.. Didn’t blog much.
  •  Pooja Thali-  Did not finish yet😦

Health : Well.. nothing to talk about except pregnancy and my upper back pain and wrist pain.

Books : I am reading these books:

  • Secrets of Baby Whisperer
  • Brain rules for baby

Pari : She has been  really really happy with the baby sister. Has been doing good at school. Currently at reading level ‘L’. How the kids grow so fast .. I still remember when she was reading the books on level ‘B’, ‘C’. And then started reading “Elephant & Piggie” , the most interesting books ever. I just wish that her love for books keep growing this year. Went for piano class during summer. We got piano for her and hoping she plays a nice song soon.

Mood : Well, lots of ups and downs especially during the pregnancy.

Diet and Fitness: Loved to follow the diet plan for gestational Diabetes. That helped me not to gain weight during pregnancy. I gained a total of 10 pounds. After delivery, my weight was 5 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight (140 lbs). And tummy was in. But now during bfing I gained 20 pounds already in 3 months.


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