Harry Potter

I read Harry Potter for the first time in 2005 -January in my hostel library. I read the first three books – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I was so hooked by the charm of JK Rowling’s writing. I became a fan instantly. Moved to Bangalore, got Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and the 6th book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince from MG Road. And then the wait began for the final book, which released on 2007, immediately after my wedding. My friends started sending me ebooks, I started reading. But one of my friend caught hold of the book and finished in 2 days. And then I got it and finished in 3 days. That was awesome. I think it was August 2007, when I read the last book. That moment I had this idea, I would definitely get my kid to read Harry Potter and will buy the entire Harry Potter set of books.

Now, fast forward 11 years, in 2018, when my daughter turned 9, this Harry Potter book set was her birthday gift 🙂

Harry Potter

Pari asked if both of us can read together. I instantly said yes. We started reading on Feb 9th 2018 and finished the first book on March 10th 2018 and today March 11th she watched the movie, and I am so happy to see her loving Harry Potter as much as I do.

Being a Harry Potter Fan would actually be a understatement for us. We, as a family are Harry Potter fans. December 2017, we went to Universal Studios and after visiting the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, we came back and watched all 8 movies in 4 days. We are such a crazy family.


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