Its Me…

This is my online diary where I can keep a record of my sweet lil’ daughter growing up days.. just to be given to her .. to be cherished. Also, it would be a ready reckoner for me.. as I have very short-term memory.. & keep forgetting things soon.

I actually read couple of mommy blogs & I really got inspired..especially with Shruti & R’sMom. I do read their archived posts a lot.. in search of some activity which I can do with my lil Pari.

But for me .. i feel ..its really difficult as I have no background in arts & craft . have never painted anything in life..I cant do a basic sewing by hand, (oh .. how much I missed that romantic moment: putting up button in hubby’s shirt..:) )  cant apply mehndi, never made a sweater & forget about crocheting.. I never even drew pictures in my lab assignment in schools..& Moreover, I haven’t written anything in my school days except essays in class.

But having Pari & my dear husband with me… these things are becoming my passion..Love to be called Super-MamaMom :)… which I am never .. But I can call Pari’s Dad (Super Duper Papa), the way he helps me.. when I am all in tension…I love it..

Well, I will blog about everything in our  day to day life except politics, driving & sports.I am scared of driving.. I admire Sachin.. likes Dhoni… but cant sit & watch cricket..just turn to newspaper to read about any new tax burden – price hike on already burdened common man..:(

By profession. I am a software engineer working in MNC, in Bangalore…at home, fully supported by my husband & Nagamma ( full day caregiver to Pari)


Pari’s Papa: refererred as PP

Pari’s Mummy: refererred as PM

Nagamma (day caregiver)- referred as Amma

Pari’s best friends —referred as Dino (boy next door) & Zoo-Zoo (girl next block)


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