DIY Chevron Canvas Wall Art

From our last trip to AC Moore, just before Summer Holidays, we got these two 16×20 canvas for $6.99. And, as soon as the holidays started, everyday, Pari wanted to do something on the canvas.But we had no idea. Finally, on Father’s day, Pari and Dad spent lots of time on youtube and internet, and decided on doing a Chevron Wall Art. We went to Walmart and she selected mint color. Back home, they both started and finished in 2 days time. 2 hours each  day. We spent sround $8, and got this amazing Wall Art, decorating our living room.


  1. First, paint the canvas with mint color preferably with sponge brush. Apply another coat for better results.

Canvas12. Next make the patterns on the canvas as shown below according to your specification.

Canvas23. Using masking tape or Washi Tape, paint the patterns using the color of your choice.

Canvas34. We added glitter too. We applied modpodge to glitter after its dried, to avoid any drop-off..


And this is the final project. Pari loved it a lot. Our first DIY Canvas painting.

Earlier I was happy that Pari will be doing this canvas painting on her own. But, later realized, it took a whole lot of measurements to make a perfect Chevron pattern like above. Well, this was all done by Pari’s Dad. And Pari did all the painting and color selection, This beautiful Wall Art is now beautifully adorning our living room 🙂


Summer Vacation Time – July !!!

Earlier I thought of posting our Summer Adventures in the blog each week. But i later realized I was thinking too much… Now, only few days left for the beautiful and lazy summer days.. We had real fun these days. This is what we did in the month of July..

  1. Loads of playdates.
  2. Playing games: UNO, Ludo, Card games- Crazy Eight, Go Fish, Rummy, Penalty
  3. Baking: cupcakes, pizza, cake
  4. Watching TV series: Jessie, HGTV Shows like Buying and Selling, Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Cousins on Call.
  5. Some home decor things: Headband holder, DIY Nail paint storage rack, Vanity Trays, Sunburst Mirror
  6. Birthday Parties
  7. Beach
  8. Science Center
  9. Lots of trips to park.

More details coming up…

Belmar Beach

Our First Visit to the beach on Jersey Shore. We went to Belmar Beach. It was a nice warm sunny Day. Perfect for Beach. For the beach, we usually plan to reach by 2 or 3 o’clock. after having lunch and taking rest. We reached the beach by 2:30 pm. Searched for parking, usually following people who are going back, helps to get the parking lot. Paid the entrance fee of $7 per person. Met Pari’s friends there and we all had a gala time. Pari started making sand castles, and Pari’s Dad in waters in no time :).

Beach FunFunPari is still afraid of going in the waters. How much we lovingly encouraged, forced, bribed her, nothing worked. She still doesn’t want to get in the beach waters. Still she managed to be with us for atleast 5 minutes.

BeachLater, having snacks, flying kites, collecting sea shells on the beach. Here’s the beautiful princess Kite flying in the air.

Flying KiteAfter the wrap-up, around 6 o’ clock, we had coffee and kids had ice-creams on the boardwalk. It started getting cold with the colder breeze flowing in. We stayed there till 7 pm and reached home by 8pm.

What a fun Summer Day !!!

Summer Pool Party !!!

We were invited to a pool party, which was Pari’s class fellows Birthday.. And it was really really awesome.. As soon as we reached there (Pari’s Dad dropped us there) , Pari got into the pool, with the floaties and she just enjoyed the cool waters on a warm sunny day. .

PoolDid not came out to enjoy the other slides, swings, trampolines and other stuffs they had beautifully arranged on their backyard.

Slides SwingsNot even for the Snacks: Watermelon, Cut Fruits (PineApple, Grapes, Strawberry), Potato Chips, Doritos

SnacksShe came out for a while, when pizza was served. Had Lemonade and again back to the pool.

Lunch Menu: Caesar Salad, Sandwiches- Italian Sub and Turkey Sub, Pizza

And the next attraction was Zip lines. They made an awesome arrangement for kids having fun.

ZiplinesThe party was a big hit. Then there was cake and juggling balls display by a 13 year old aspiring entrepreneur.. We had a very beautiful lazy Sunday afternoon well spent by getting loads of tan 😦 . But it was really a fun Day.

Summer of 2014

Well, Summer of 2015 is here, and Pari is already done making plans for this summer.  When I look into my blog to find what I did last summer..oops… nothing .. no entry. .So, before I begin with Summer of 2015.. Will just recall..good times of Summer of 2014.


Pari made this Summer Plan and stuck on bedroom walls. We were able to do all the things except a few. I loved how she was marking on these plans after we completed them.

Summer2014plan1. Go to Beach – This summer we visited Point Pleasant beach and Asbury Park Beach in New Jersey. In Point Pleasant Beach, kids loved the rides at Boardwalk. Parking was real difficult there. I loved Asbury Park more.


2. Strawberry Picking – We had been to Lee Turkey Farm for Strawberry picking. This was real fun. We went with Pari’s friend and had a gala time picking up the strawberries. We went on a Sunday, reached by 2:00 PM and by 3:30 PM we were done 🙂 . Mom & Dad also enjoyed.


3. Swim Lessons – Finally, Pari got enrolled in swimming class. On her first day, she was crying for first 15 minutes, didn’t wanted to get into waters. But her instructor was too cool. By second class, she was enjoying the waters & swimming. At the end of her summer session, mom & dad were so proud of her swimming strokes.

4. Make Popsicle – Yes we did make popsicle with sweetened mango juice, strawberry milkshake, extra sweetened lemonade and  rose syrup.

5. Go to the fair –We visited our County fair with the friends and it was too too fun. The kids enjoyed the rides, so did we.

6. See the fireworks – Kids were so excited to watch July 4th fireworks. We managed to get to see them twice. One at Kennedy Park and the other at Milltown. It’s always great to see these fireworks.

7. Watch a movie at the park – Not done.

8. Zoo – We went to a small petting park in Johnson’s park. Kids loved it. Summer of 2015 will plan to goto a proper zoo 🙂

9. Art & Craft @ Home Not at all I believe.

10. Playdates – So many playdates.

11. Picnic – We did goto the park and arranged picnic and barbecue. Kids loved it.