DIY Canvas Art- Wall Art

Pari & Dad made another beautiful Wall Art. This time, they used Q-tips. Pari loved to paint the entire canvas with beautiful yellow color. Dad introduced the darker shade, and Pari blended them very well. Dad then drew the outline of the tree and colored brown. Pari took Q-tips dipped  in various colors and made the below pattern. It was super fun & they both enjoyed a lot.

And this is the completed look in our bedroom. It looks so adorable.


DIY Wall Art


DIY Chevron Canvas Wall Art

From our last trip to AC Moore, just before Summer Holidays, we got these two 16×20 canvas for $6.99. And, as soon as the holidays started, everyday, Pari wanted to do something on the canvas.But we had no idea. Finally, on Father’s day, Pari and Dad spent lots of time on youtube and internet, and decided on doing a Chevron Wall Art. We went to Walmart and she selected mint color. Back home, they both started and finished in 2 days time. 2 hours each  day. We spent sround $8, and got this amazing Wall Art, decorating our living room.


  1. First, paint the canvas with mint color preferably with sponge brush. Apply another coat for better results.

Canvas12. Next make the patterns on the canvas as shown below according to your specification.

Canvas23. Using masking tape or Washi Tape, paint the patterns using the color of your choice.

Canvas34. We added glitter too. We applied modpodge to glitter after its dried, to avoid any drop-off..


And this is the final project. Pari loved it a lot. Our first DIY Canvas painting.

Earlier I was happy that Pari will be doing this canvas painting on her own. But, later realized, it took a whole lot of measurements to make a perfect Chevron pattern like above. Well, this was all done by Pari’s Dad. And Pari did all the painting and color selection, This beautiful Wall Art is now beautifully adorning our living room 🙂

Coffee Painting with Kid

This weekend, we did Coffee Painting, inspired from here & the end result was stupendous.. First we took the same picture…colored in pencil.. Pari is not so much interested in using color pencils.. still she did it.. Was so much excited while crumbling the paper…Prepared the coffee color as instructed.. & painted it with brush..So simple… 🙂

We still had some coffee paste left.. Took out Pari’s old crayons color..crumbled it and painted with coffee..Amazing contrast..isn’t it.

Please excuse for the bad quality of photograph..A newbie..learning the tricks of photography

Linking to It’s Playtime & Colors Dekor

Warli Painting

 We have a wall.. whch got painted red.. & we both didnt like the shade.Always thinking when we will have a makeover to get a different color.And one day, Pari, as the  great scribbler she is …startedd to use chalk on this wall…and it came up really good… And now I am happy with  my red devil wall…:)
So, I didn’t miss the chance to just show her the warli people, very welll inspired by MM.
Pari adding the feather touch to warli people
Please excuse me for the quality of photographs
We did the entire tutorial by making the warli potato stamps
Pari seems quite busy with her stamps