Random Modern Arts

These are some  of Pari’s old painting, which she was doing when she was just 3YO.


Tissue Paper painting

Have been so much inspired by Eric Carle’s Illustrations..I actually wanted to do the same way as Eric does.. But wid a kid, who does not follow instructions.. (Do not rub so much .. paper will tear off… Use less water…all these of no use 🙂 ) still, its fun to see Pari using the colors & brushes.

Amazing pictures of our attempt to paint the tissue paper..

Home Made Paints

As soon as Pari sees colour paints..she gets so excited that she finishes the entire box of colours within an hour..and the next day.. is like.. “mujhe colors chahiye..kyun nahi dete ho..”
She has graduated from the crayons.. and loves experimenting with brushes.
So, I thought of getting her involved and created home made paints. I used the recipe from here.
I had only yellow and green food color
I managed to made a cone .. from milk packet. ( I have just started on learning these)
Poured the paint in the cone and the end result was wonderful. We both enjoyed a lot.
Here  is Pari.. using the home made paint to decorate her Christmas tree.
I am planning to get a chair & table for her … or a dining table… Still thinking …

Color Lover: Nail Paint

Pari is such an avid lover of colors..She loves colors .. and lots of colors. When she was very young.. to create her interest in identifying colors, I got some shades of nail paints. When my mother came to visit us .. last year during Oct’11, she also got one dozen shades of nail paints. Now she has an amazing collection.. she likes to showcase in her nails quite often.