DIY Easy Dollhouse with Foam board

This was on my draft from so long. So, posting it now..

On Diwali, Pari’s Dad always make Diwali Gharonda for Pari. And we have been doing this every year. Last year 2015, too, he made very easy Diwali Gharonda or Dollhouse by using foam board or thermocol sheet can also be used. It was done in 2-3 hours. We used 2 sheets of Foam Board from Walmart, Hot Glue Gun (Pari’s Dad loved the glue gun).

  • First cut the foam board in the desired size for the floor.
  • Then cut the two parts for the side wall cum window. Create the window structure as shown in the below pic.
  • And attach them to the floor as shown in the pic (Hope you understand)1-DIY Dollhouse - 1
  • Then measure and cut the foam board sheet and stick to the existing structure as shown in the pic.

2-DIY Dollhouse-2

  • As it was very much blank, Pari decided on some drama on 2 walls. We had this floral Contact Paper, and doesn’t it look so pretty.
  • Next, we will make the roof. Cut another foam board of the same size as the floor, and place it on top.

3-DIY Dollhouse - 3

  • .Like this, and also added a pillar in the down for extra support.

4-DIY Dollhouse - 4

  • And this is how it looked, after we created curtains for windows using streamers and a liitle bathtub and small paper lanterns decorating the terrace.

5-DIY Dollhouse - 5

And  Pari  loves to play with her dollhouse.


Diwali 2015

This year, on Diwali

Pooja: On Diwali evening, after cleaning up the home, we did Lakshmi -Ganesh Pooja, followed by Pari’s Gharonda pooja. Then, we had sweets and snacks. Friends came over and we burst crackers outside. We visited our neighbor’s house, had to come back early, as another friend came over our to our home. We had dinner: puri-chhola. Pari was so tired by that time, and she slept.


Diwali Gharonda: Like every year, Pari and Dad made this beautiful Gharonda/Doll House with foam board. Will do a separate post on making of Gharonda. So, this Gharonda has been beautifully decorated by Pari. It has living room and kitchen on the lower level, and two bedrooms on the upper level. All her princess figurines and magic clip Disney Princesses are enjoying their stay at this beautiful home, which was adorned by Christmas Lights. On the day of Diwali, Pari did pooja of this house too.



So, this year there was no party. Just few friends dropped in to wish Happy Diwali. These are the foods on the table: Chakli/ Murukku, Chivda, Dahi-Vada, Rabdi, Gulab jamun, Masala Puri Chaat, Dahi Puri Chaat.

Diwali Decorations:

I have never ever been able to make rangoli at my house. This time too, I tried making rangoli with colored rice, but again, a failed attempt. Well, the candles and buddha and a little green do spice up the decor. And, a bowl of water with rose petals and tealight candles work wonders to exhibit the festive spirit.


Diwali Celebrations !!!

While looking at this year’s Diwali pics, I found last year’s Diwali pics are not on the blog. So, here it goes. Last year, 2014 we had a Diwali party @home with 3 families. Kids had gala time.

Party Menu:

Starters: Various Chaat: Dahi Puri, Masala Puri, Papdi Chaat.

Main Course: Puri, Chhola, Pulav, Dahi -Bada

Sweets: Malpua, Gujiya

Diwali Gharonda: Pari’s Dad made Gharonda again with foam board. All the decorations done by Pari and Dad. I wish I could put the tutorial here. But nope, I don’t have step by step pics. he just made a custom house, with Pari’s instructions. And Pari decorated the house with all the stickers and her handmade pictures.

Diwali/Halloween Decor:

  • There were few Christmas lights still left after we were done decorating the house with lights. So, just wrapped and kept on the table.It looked awesome. Though in pic, it’s not looking awesome.
  • Pari’s Dad carved his first Jack-o-lantern. Pari enjoyed a lot.
  • I did not had any big glass bowl. So, just threw some rose petals and tealight candles on the glass, arranged it. and was looking fabulous.
  • And lastly, we arranged the lights in the shape of Diya.

Diwali Cracker Celebrations:

We did few light crackers outside the house with friends and the kids enjoyed it.

On Saturday, went to the nearby temple for lots of crackers. Pari loved it.

Enjoyed Diwali a lot 🙂 🙂 🙂

Festivals of 2013- Diwali

Oh !!! I have been so lazy.. I have loads & loads of items in my draft to be posted. Before i forget, I plan to publish the series of posts of our festivals celebration in 2013.

So, this one is Diwali in 2013- NJ

On Diwali evening, we did Ganesh-Laxmi Pooja.

Diwali Pooja

And then, we performed pooja on Pari’s Gharonda, which her Dad made so lovingly.

Diwali Gharonda poojaPari’s friends enjoying their stay at Pari’s house.

Diwali Pari Gharonda 2

Another view of her beautiful house

Diwali Pari Gharonda 1

Diwali Pari Gharonda 3

In the evening, there was a party @ home with friends. I made Diwali special: Gujiya 🙂

For Dinner, I made Chhole, Paneer Sabzi, Puri, Pulav, Dahi-bade.

Diwali Gujiya