Glass Painting for Kids

Pictures of Glass Painting done by Pari &  her dear friend Dino.They did these in their Summer Vacation this year. Very Simple indeed. Just take a picture, trace on the Glass, and give the glass colors to kids. They are ready to color.

WinniwPooh Glass Painting2 Bird2 Bird Glass Painting First two paintings (Winnie Pooh & Bird) done by Dino. See the wonderful creation.

The last Bird painting is done by Pari with her own enthusiasm, and her sense of colors and little impatient :).


Glass painting-with kundan work

Some days back, my office was celebrating Training Fiesta, and there was a training on Glass Painting also. I immediately enrolled it. And I came to know that this is so easy. Even Pari can do this. Offcourse on very strict guidance. From that day, we have done so many Glass Paintings, but this has been the most beautiful one.

This is my second glass painting with kundan & glitter outliners.Peacock Design was taken from Internet, and I am so sorry, I missed the source. Please acknowledge, I will provide the link.

Glass Painting Tutorial

1. Wash the Glass with soapy water, Clean & dry it very well.

2. Place the design on a paper. Cover it with Glass, and fix by using painter’s tape.

3. Draw the design by using Glass Outliner. Wait to dry

4. Fill the colors, as desired. Wait to dry before moving on to the nearby segment.

5. After the painting is dry, stick kundans as per the design.

6. You may apply border to give a complete look, and then Frame It..

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Summer Camp: Glass Painting

Summer Vacation has started in Bangalore, and the school reopens in June. Thought of sending Pari to a summer camp. But then dropped the idea, as its too expensive, and moreover, its actually a waste, as i doubt if they would allow a 3YO to cut the paper and paste on their own. At home, she would have more liberty to do her things..

So, from now on, I will be posting on what we are doing in our Summer holidays.

Started with Glass Painting..I did the outlining of design, and Pari was so much excited to fill the Glass colors in the painting. It was so easy.We did two paintings. The other one I will post soon.

Glass Painting