Yaay !!! In California

It’s about 5 months we moved to California. Initially, as usual, I faced little settling issues. Didn’t like the place at all. But, with all the friends here, within 1 month I was like fully settled. Especially Pari’s friends was the most difficult part. She made friends in the neighboring apartment, but didn’t really go well.

So, we spent most of our summer vacations:

  • Reading books: Bailey the School kids series, yes, girl you made me read these stories too.
  • Having fun in the park, and water sprinklers.
  • Nearby shopping places : Michaels, Safeway, Ross
  • Swimming classes and swimming pool in the apartment.
  • Visiting places: Yosemite Valley, Santacruz Beach and Boardwalk, San Francisco, Children’s Discovery Museum-San Jose
  • Visiting Library.

Well, I felt a little better here, in terms of Myra. Because we downsized our home from New Jersey, so I had ample of space here for Myra to move, loved to see her crawl, moving around holding furniture and finally walking and falling and walking again. We had friends here, who would visit frequently and Myra was so happy to see them.

What I like here:

  • Most of the shops are nearby.
  • Very tasty samosa and Biryani – within 2 miles
  • I like the weather except rain
  • Feels very much like staying in Bangalore- Full of Desis.
  • I love my home here- very airy and ample of sunlight in balcony.

Home Decor: Cushion Covers

I got this awesome Buddha Cushion Covers and small Peacock pillow cover. And these are looking fabulous on my couch. There are 4 cushion covers: pink, yellow, blue & green.

Cushion CoverThe peacock pillow cover came out very small. And this was Pari’s favorite. So, we had to use it. Removed some cotton from old pillow, and made it to the size of the peacock pillow cover by using stapler.CushionBlue and green cushion covers so well coordinating with the latest canvas painting. Hmmm trying to learn the baby steps of Home decorating with blue-green themed living room. Well, there is no such blue – green theme. It’s just I like to add colors everywhere.