Pari’s Birthday

This is how Pari celebrated her third Birthday…Somewhat as per the plan In the evening, the trio dino+mom, zoozoo+mom, Pari+PM offcourse driven by PP…went to Monkey maze in Marathahalli…Everybody enjoyed so much there.They had a gala time.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t like Monkey maze much .. as I was basically looking only for fun & play games… as in Snakes & Ladders, In monkey maze, playing only games had very little option, and whatever was there .. were not kid friendly.Zoo zoo got hurt as well 😦 , due to the way the sliders were placed.

While returning, stopped at McDonalds, had loads of burgers & french fries, came Home .. called up Zoozoo Dad & Dino dad, cut the cake , had celebrations, small dinner with the close  ones.. All of them started on sponge painting..tried made different shapes.. Overall it was a fun day.. And Yes, Pari answered all the 20 questions.

Could not do much of the theme work, as we had to leave for the native the very next day.

Some of the snippets