Random Monday mornings…..

Today morning..she woke up and said “Mummy mujhe ready karo .. school jana hai
and then I took her to have brush .. & her tantrums started.

No.. I dont want to brush with kungfu-panda .. I want Spider Man.. today..(yes, she has all these types of brushes–no signs of a girl. 😦 )

ok then .. i gave her the spider man brush.. she made me to sing so that she can enjoy  “Brush-brush your teeth..brush it everyday ..father mother brother sister brush it everyday” & in the middle of brushing … she remembered something…

Pari: mummy kal big bazaar gaye the …mera caterpillar brush kahan hai …aapne kahan rakh diya …& started crying..& wants the same brush …me…dont know what to do.. running late for school.. have to make dosa …pack her lunch box..

Then papa dear came & easily solved all the issues..& she is happy …

Now the next part is: getting dressed..She wants to wear the same dress again & again.. Doesnt like to wear frocks & skirts ( again no signs of girlie).. papa also like her to wear t-shirts & pants…they both get ready ..on time .. & keep saying “mummy aapne aaj late kar diya” “teacher mujhe school mein aane nahi dengi” (mummy… its because of you .. we are getting late..teacher will not allow me to goto school)