Pooja/Aarti Thalis

Here goes the pic of the pooja Thalis, on which I have been working on these days. Very simple to make

  1. Paint any stainless steel plate with enamel paints. I used Asian Paints enamel paint ( the ones that are used to paint window or door. Difficult to remove the paint from brushes, once it dries)
  2. Allow it to dry in sun for 4 hours or leave overnight.
  3. Stick kundan/sitara/jewels using fevicryl fabric glue according to the design.
  4. Use 3D outliner cone to make the designs.
  5. Once, it’s complete, and all dried, apply a single coat of varnish to get the shine.
  6. With this varnish, your jewels will never come out and it becomes water-proof. While cleaning the paint, never scrub. After few months, if you feel, the plate is losing it’s shine. Apply a coat of varnish again.

My first creation

Pooja Thali

I learnt this from my friend ‘S’ (Dino’s mother), She is a wonderful artist. This thali has been made by using home-made 3D outliner (with ceramic, fabric colors and fevicol) with much help from S. This was the first time I used a cone.

So, the next time, when S was not around, I decided to use 3D outliner cones (from Fevicryl & Faber Castell). You can see very well, how much  I have improved :).

Kalash & Thali




My photography skills on Aarti Thali ūüôā



Ice-cube Painting

I usually buy Rangeela tempera colors for Pari, and there are so many boxes in the house, I want to throw all of them. But, dear Pari wont allow me to do. In the summer morning, we both got an idea to use the tempera box with leftover colors for our ice-painting project. Immediately, Pari poured the water, and kept in the fridge. I just added toothpicks. Just see the below pics, and how much she enjoyed doing this.

Ice Painting Onebyone Icepainting-yellow yellowpatterns blackpattern colors all gree

Sending this entry to Artsy Craftsy Challenge April 2013


Random Modern Arts

These are some¬† of Pari’s old painting, which she was doing when she was just 3YO.

Home Made Paints

As soon as Pari sees colour paints..she gets so excited that she finishes the entire box of colours within an hour..and the next day.. is like.. “mujhe colors chahiye..kyun nahi dete ho..”
She has graduated from the crayons.. and loves experimenting with brushes.
So, I thought of getting her involved and created home made paints. I used the recipe from here.
I had only yellow and green food color
I managed to made a cone .. from milk packet. ( I have just started on learning these)
Poured the paint in the cone and the end result was wonderful. We both enjoyed a lot.
Here  is Pari.. using the home made paint to decorate her Christmas tree.
I am planning to get a chair & table for her … or a dining table… Still thinking …