My Parenting Style …

I don’t know if I am doing things correctly, and if what will be the impact of these in her life. Most of my fellow-moms don’t do the way I take care of Pari and I don’t do the way they ake care of the kids. I am not sure what will be the effect. But this is just a record for you Pari, This is how we both are raising you.

1. When we first came to USA in 2013, the only princess we knew was Cinderella and Snow-white. Once, we went to a nearby dollar store, and got some coloring pages of princesses. There were, I believe 7 of them, And Pari was asking which color to choose for which princess, what’s their name? I really had no clue what to answer her. Then started the process of exploring with the help of story books and movies. And within 2 months, we both got very familiar with all the Disney Princesses Cinderella, Snow white, Belle, Aurora-Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Merida, Tiana. But my fellow moms of girls, they did not know much about the princesses, but the kids knew a lot. I was like, why don’t I say this: Oh, I don’t know all these princesses. Only my kiddo knows about these Disney princesses. I thought, maybe the kids are smart enough to know about these princesses all by themselves.

2. I let her watch toys review on YouTube. She knows ahead of time what are the latest toy craze in town- be it shopkins, my little pony, ever after high or monster high. She has an amazing knowledge.

3. Since she was small like 2-3 years of age, I used to take her to all the shops even for grocery shopping or clothing shopping. I used to make her touch and feel different varieties of fabrics. She knew what to do if she didn’t see us. And then at 5 years of age, she became my perfect partner for shopping. After asking Husband’s review, I only buy those clothes that have been given a green signal by Pari.

4. I had a dream of seeing Pari dancing on stage. And that dream fulfilled on 2014. I loved watching her dance. But somehow, she didn’t continue her dance. I was a bit sad about it, but now seeing her, I feel happy that she loves to dance on “Ladki beautiful kar di chull”, “Tamma Tamma again”. And the way she was so interested in the International Night Dance Practice. Somewhere, a seed was sown.

5. Since her toddler years, I introduced her to the world of art & craft. I used to do a lot of crafts at home with my Pari. And she loved to color with crayons. Around5-6 years of age, she made lots of canvas paintings with her Dad And now at 8 years of age, she still loves to paint.

6. Since Pari was born, I wanted her to be in creative field. I never taught her english not even Maths. And now at 7-8 years of age, she wants to be : An Artist, Singer and Fashion Designer.


As you turn 7

Dear Pari,

As you turn 7, here is your most favorite Annual Questionnaire, we did today. Your Birthday planning and execution are in full swing. Mommy and Daddy are awake everyday til 3 am, and doing shopping the whole day. Really crazy !!! :). Well, let’s begin:

1. Favorite TV Show – Powerpuff Girls

2. Favorite Color – Green

3. What do you want to be when you grow up? – Fashion Designer (same as last year)

4. Favorite Song – Manma emotion jaage re (from the movie Dilwale)

5. Favorite Movie– Disney Descendants

6. Favorite Fruit – Apple

7. Favorite Food – Vada

8. Favorite Drink– Lemonade

9.  Favorite Dessert– Ice cream

11. Favorite Lunch– Dal & Rice

12. Favorite Animal– Peacock

13. Favorite Season– Winter

14. Favorite Flower– Lily

15. Favorite Book– I am invited to a party

17. Favorite Teacher– Ms J (Kindergarten)

18. Favorite Word– shopkins

19. Favorite Dress– My birthday dress i am going to wear.

20. Favorite Game– Lego

21. Anything at home you like most- ipAd

22. Favorite Snack @ school– Cheesestick

23. Favorite Shop– Toys r Us

24. Best Friend– , Samriddhi, Nidhi, Riitka

25. Best Vacation ever– Disney

26. Always Carry– any Shopkins

27. Favorite Language– English

28. Favorite Craft– All the Canvas paintings

29. Mommy or Papa – most Favorite? – Papa

30. Mommy@office or Mommy@ home ? – Mommy @ home.

31. Favorite Toy – Shopkins

32. What do you love to draw?  – People



We were going to ‘ Dussehra’ event, and this is what happened on the way,

Pari : What we will do there?

Me: We will have loads of fun.. there will be ravan dahan, ram leela, lots of yummy food and various stalls for shopping.

Pari: What is Ram Leela?

Me: It’s a story about Ram & Sita.. I have told you about this so many times..

Pari: Oh ya ya ya.. wait-wait.. I know… There’s a boy and a girl who went to jungle for camping, and then the other boy draws a line and asks her not to go out but she goes out and a villain kidnaps her..

Me: (almost fainted)– camping .. ha  ha ha ha


Anyways, we reached the venue and surprisingly Pari wanted to watch Ram leela and she was enjoying the superb show.

Me: Pari, this is King Dashrath and he had three wives.

Pari looking at me surprised: How can anyone have 3 wives?

Me: In very olden days, it used to happen. but..

Pari: or Is he Kapil Sharma of Kiss-kiss ko pyaar karoon? He too had 3 wives..right?

Me  I said “ya ya ya” (can’t stop laughing)

Summer Vacation Time !!! Week-1

Hey !!! It’s finally Summer!!! Vacation Time !!!

Pari’s kindergarten got over last to last Friday. She was.. as usual excited about the summer vacation. And I was getting emotional my lil daughter is now grown up as she finished her school year. So in the evening we went to the restaurant along with Pari’s best friend. .. had fun time together. ..
Saturday… we went to Kohls for some shopping and in the evening Pari’s Dad’s friends had come over.
Sunday..being Father’s Day. .. Pari gave me the warning “no more shouting at Daddy today. .. Today he gets to do what he wants to “Plus she gave these gifts.

And they both have started a project – Wall decor Canvas art. This is the beginning. .let’s see how it turns out.

Wall Decor

After being a little senti about my lil daughter completing her Kindergarten, I was all ready to begin the exciting summer vacation with her, and so did Pari. This was my plan.

Morning by 10 o’clock- Get up, get ready, finish breakfast.

10-1: Summer Reading, Hindi Study, a little work of art & design, and Maths.

1-3: Lunch, Making Dinner,TV Time

3-6: Craft, Dance Time

6-8: Playing Outside,Daddy Time.

But this is how we completed her first week.

Monday– Morning: she could not wait for the art work to be finished, and we both were adding glitter to the beautiful chevron painting which was actually her idea and materialized by her Daddy. This is what we did.

Chevron Wall Decor And we did couple of recycled projects too.

Evening-we both are watching Cupcake Wars and drooling over beautiful cupcake display. Made cupcakes too.


Tuesday-Morning: A little of reading -her favorite Piggie and Gerald. The old salt box which she had painted last year to keep her color pencils and markers needed some renovation. So, we got a Hello Kitty Duck Tape, wrapped it up & gave a new shape 🙂Pen Stand

Afternoon-evening: Playdate with a 5th grader.


Morning: A lazy morning. We both slept after breakfast. No Crafts. Only Watching Cupcake Wars and some other programs on Netflix. A very very lazy day. We did some reading too.


Created two vanity trays with old photo frames, by adding glitter paper. One for my vanity and the other one for keeping Pari’s Dad’s watches. Yet to give some height.

Vanity Tray

Friday Evening: Her Last Dance Class.

Saturday & Sunday- Shopping for friend’s and cooking.

So, this is how, we spent her 1st week of Summer. Totally different from what I had planned. Will post soon about Week-2 🙂

Pari lost her tooth

My lil daughter is now big..She lost her first tooth today while having dinner and she swallowed it 🙂
She cried a lot saying tooth fairy will not give her coin.
But Papa dear consoled her saying your tooth is missing.. Tooth fairy will find it..So, Pari wrote a letter and slept with the hope of finding some coin under her pillow..
Will update with the pics later..
She had her first loose tooth on Friday April 3rd morning.

Be yourself

Lesson to Mom

Mom : Pari, Have you seen Shreya of CID. I like her hairstyle. .I am going to have the same haircut. . 🙂

Pari: Mamma, she looks good ..but i don’t like ur idea of copy thingy… U should do whatever you feel like.. no copy-shopy thingy. … Okayyyy..

Very true did I forget. . But i explained her i was just taking inspiration from that pic and that pic and that pic 🙂

But i love you dear.. that you believe in yourself 🙂 Be like this always…
Luv you

As you turn 6

Dear Pari,

As you turn 6, here is the questionnaire for you, the way we do every year.

1. Favorite TV Show – My Little Pony (changed from last year)

2. Favorite Color –  Green ( Oops !! no Pink 🙂 )

3. What do you want to be when you grow up? – Fashion Designer (Last year: Mail man )

4. Favorite Song – Jump up, make a sound – My Little Pony’s soundtrack (Last year: Main rang sharbaton ka)

5. Favorite Movie– Rainbow Rocks (Last year: Dhoom 3)

6. Favorite Fruit – Apple ( without skin) (No change from last year)

7. Favorite Food – Maggi (Last year: Maggi)

8. Favorite Drink– Mango Juice ( Last year: Apple Juice)

9. Favorite Dinner– Pizza (Last year: French fries wale aaloo & roti)

10. Favorite Dessert– Ice cream (Last year: Jelly )

11. Favorite Lunch– Dal & Rice (No change)

12. Favorite Animal– Peacock, Flamingo & Rabbit (Last year: Rabbit)

13. Favorite Season– Spring (No change)

14. Favorite Flower– Lily (Last year: Tulip)

15. Favorite Book– Piggie & Gerald Series All Books (Last year: Dora)

16. Favorite Teacher– Ms Falk ( No change)

17. Favorite Word– My Little Pony (Last year: I Love You)

18. Favorite Dress– Elsa Dress (Last year: Green flower frock)

19. Favorite Game– Bingli Bangli Bo (Pari’s made-up game) (Last year’s Hide & Seek with Papa)

20. Anything at home you like most- TV to watch My Little Pony (Last year: Pom-pom tissue paper flowers)

21. Favorite Snack @ school– Croissant (Last year’s animal crackers)

22. Favorite Shop– Toys r us & Dunkin Donuts (Last year’s: Dollar Tree)

23. Best Friend– Ritkia & Harsha

24. Best Vacation ever– Trip to the most magical place on Earth.  Last year’s : Atlantic City

25. Always Carry– Hello Kitty Toy

26. Favorite Language– English ( Last ysar’s :Hindi)

27. Favorite Craft– Made wooden boat with Papa

28. Mommy or Papa – most Favorite? – Papa  (No change)

29. Mommy@office or Mommy@ home ? – Mommy @ home.

30. Favorite Toy?– My Little pony

31. What do you love to draw? – My little pony