Pari has been in love with play-doh from so long, and recently when she got her new set of play-doh as a gift from Santa, she was elated. And, these are the only things which I could click. Aren’t these lovely?

Play-doh Village scene

play-doh scenery

Play-doh Icecreamplay-doh-icecream


boowa & kwala

Many Many Thanks to MM, for introducing boowa & kwala,( I am unable to find her post ) and I must tell say, its an amazing site, & Pari still not 3, can work on it independently. She likes specially Hungry Caterpillar, Doctor, Colors and all the puzzles and mazes. 
Here is Pari, playing hungry caterpillar.
I found another site , where she loves listening to stories. Her favorites: Yellow Gorilla, New fish on the Reef,  What to wear Fran-the firefighter, I dont want to take a bath.


These Days, Pari is getting busy in hosting parties, and this is one of the example, where she invited some of her friends for a cookies party.

Pari making arrangements for a feast for her Dear Friends.

Her friends “James”, “Cheeku”, “Reddy”, “Dolly”, “Pinki”,  are having a feast. They are being served delicious cookies..