Belmar Beach

Our First Visit to the beach on Jersey Shore. We went to Belmar Beach. It was a nice warm sunny Day. Perfect for Beach. For the beach, we usually plan to reach by 2 or 3 o’clock. after having lunch and taking rest. We reached the beach by 2:30 pm. Searched for parking, usually following people who are going back, helps to get the parking lot. Paid the entrance fee of $7 per person. Met Pari’s friends there and we all had a gala time. Pari started making sand castles, and Pari’s Dad in waters in no time :).

Beach FunFunPari is still afraid of going in the waters. How much we lovingly encouraged, forced, bribed her, nothing worked. She still doesn’t want to get in the beach waters. Still she managed to be with us for atleast 5 minutes.

BeachLater, having snacks, flying kites, collecting sea shells on the beach. Here’s the beautiful princess Kite flying in the air.

Flying KiteAfter the wrap-up, around 6 o’ clock, we had coffee and kids had ice-creams on the boardwalk. It started getting cold with the colder breeze flowing in. We stayed there till 7 pm and reached home by 8pm.

What a fun Summer Day !!!


Summer of 2014

Well, Summer of 2015 is here, and Pari is already done making plans for this summer.Β  When I look into my blog to find what I did last summer..oops… nothing .. no entry. .So, before I begin with Summer of 2015.. Will just recall..good times of Summer of 2014.


Pari made this Summer Plan and stuck on bedroom walls. We were able to do all the things except a few. I loved how she was marking on these plans after we completed them.

Summer2014plan1. Go to Beach – This summer we visited Point Pleasant beach and Asbury Park Beach in New Jersey. In Point Pleasant Beach, kids loved the rides at Boardwalk. Parking was real difficult there. I loved Asbury Park more.


2. Strawberry Picking – We had been to Lee Turkey Farm for Strawberry picking. This was real fun. We went with Pari’s friend and had a gala time picking up the strawberries. We went on a Sunday, reached by 2:00 PM and by 3:30 PM we were done πŸ™‚ . Mom & Dad also enjoyed.


3. Swim Lessons – Finally, Pari got enrolled in swimming class. On her first day, she was crying for first 15 minutes, didn’t wanted to get into waters. But her instructor was too cool. By second class, she was enjoying the waters & swimming. At the end of her summer session, mom & dad were so proud of her swimming strokes.

4. Make Popsicle – Yes we did make popsicle with sweetened mango juice, strawberry milkshake, extra sweetened lemonade andΒ  rose syrup.

5. Go to the fair –We visited our County fair with the friends and it was too too fun. The kids enjoyed the rides, so did we.

6. See the fireworks – Kids were so excited to watch July 4th fireworks. We managed to get to see them twice. One at Kennedy Park and the other at Milltown. It’s always great to see these fireworks.

7. Watch a movie at the park – Not done.

8. Zoo – We went to a small petting park in Johnson’s park. Kids loved it. Summer of 2015 will plan to goto a proper zoo πŸ™‚

9. Art & Craft @ Home Not at all I believe.

10. Playdates – So many playdates.

11. Picnic – We did goto the park and arranged picnic and barbecue. Kids loved it.

Liberty State Park, New Jersey

Liberty State Park is one of my top favorite picnic destination. It has the most magnificent view of Manhattan skylines, back view of Statue of Liberty, and perfect view of Ellis Island plus there are couple of Bollywood songs filmed at this location.

Well, this post is a compilation of Bollywood songs filmed at this wonderful place.

1. Hey Shona Song (Ta ra rum Pum) In this video, this location starts from 3:15 to 3:52

2. Hai Junoon Song – (New York)
This song was filmed in Liberty State Park from beginning to 3:05.. with beautiful view of Ellis Island.

3. Mitwa Song- (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna)
In this Shahrukh Khan song, this location is from 3:15 to 3:40

And below are some of the pics, which I enjoyed taking in Liberty State Park

Empty Sky Memorial


Beautiful view of Freedom Tower from Liberty State ParkDSC08749

Flags at Liberty State Park (featured in Hey Shona song)DSC08813

Liberty State Park Walkway DSC08952

Statue of Liberty (back view)DSC09068

The beautiful fall colorsDSC09078

The perfect playground with breathtaking Manhattan skyline (Hai Junoon song playground)DSC09094

This is the best treasured tourist destination in New Jersey, and I love it the most.

@Marina Beach, Chennai

These days , we have been travelling so much. Got a chance to visit Chennai in mid-Feb. Chennai weather was good, Not much hot. Wanted to explore Chennai, Visited Pondy Bazaar @ T Nagar. Had delicious Idlis & Dosa at Murugan Idly’s.Β  Next day, We had no other plans other than visiting Marina Beach. Pari was so excited to see the beach. We reached the beach @ 4:00 PM. It was hot, but not much humid.

Marina Beach, here I come.Marina Beach, here I come

Lovely sea

Pari enjoying in Marina Beach

As soon as she saw the water, she immediately rushed and started enjoying the lovely waves. Playing with waters on her own.

I didn’t get into water, so I was just clicking pictures of shadows, Leg impressions.

Marina Beach

After all the water play, we also collected lots of sea-shells. Pari went for horse riding. Had ice-cream. Still deciding which flavor. This time she had Grapes.Β Which Flavour

Next, Time for some Bhelpuri & Gun Shooting. All of us did it.

aha Bhelpuri

Gun Shooting

This is the Status of Balloon ( 6 gone out of 10 shots). Hope to improve in next visit. πŸ™‚


After this, Pari did shopping for her balloons.

Very Imp Baloons shopping for Pari

It was now 6:30.Took a glimpse of Gandhi Beach and then headed towards our Hotel.

Gandhi Beach

Gandhi Beach 2

Pari @ India Gate

Dilwalon ka shahar- Dilli.

Delhi- has a special place in my life. I have spent 4 years of my life in Delhi, and it means a lot to me. It’s like a phenomenon which I can’t express in words. When we were making plans for Jammu, I was so excited that we had to stay in Delhi for some time. On 29th Jan reached Delhi at 11:30, next flight to Jammu was at 2:30. We had 3 hours in hand. I was thrilled to be in Delhi after 6 years (I last visited Delhi in 2007 for my marriage shopping.)Β  But didn’t go anywhere outside Delhi airport because Pari was sleeping for an hour. So, when we returned to Delhi, we visited India Gate only, and that too on the way to New Delhi railway station.And Pari also enjoyed the India Gate Trip. I told her all the stories on how we enjoyed during college days in India Gate (Having ice-cream @ night, Remo Fernandes show, masala papad, Just circling India Gate, and when the time comes to leave, will forget the way πŸ™‚ )

Here are the pics, of my recent trip.

India Gate


Beautiful Flowers @ India Gate

Photos Blog

Bhelpuri, Golgappa, Ice-cream, Masala Papad. We indulged in all these πŸ™‚



Bustling life @ India Gate

Pari playing

Playing with Toys

Playing with bubbles


Coorg Travel Tales

The year 2012 ended with a wonderful trip to Coorg. Being in Bangalore, and never been to Coorg was a taboo and I was living with it for past 7 years. & Finally, one fine day, hubby’s friend G1 was @home, and phew plan made.. Travelling to Coorg tomorrow (Saturday) morning !!!


We started at 6:00 AM in the morning. Reached G1’s place @ 6:20 AM. Both G1 & his wife ‘E’ were ready, and we started @ 6:40 AM on their i10. On Mysore highway, we stopped at Kamat for the breakfast. By this time, Pari woke up and was very-very hungry. We ordered: Idli, Poori Saagu, Khara Bhath, Kesari Bhath, Pongal. After having a heavy breakfast, we started again.

It was a cool morning, we were heading to ‘Kutta’ via Nagarhole National Park. Reached ‘Kutta’ @ 1:00 PM. And, because of the last minute plan, we had not booked any accommodation. So, the house-hunting started. Searched on the web, called them up, sorry sir, not available. & even if it’s available, the directions are so confusing or we didnt like the place. By 2:30, we were all so hungry.. We found a place “Cafe Robusta” & immediately rushed to have our lunch. We ordered Daal, Rice, Paneer Makhni, Chicken Masala, and 1 omelette. Chicken & Paneer were not eatable, but the rest we just finished it in no time. It was 3:00 PM. Now, we started on the way to Iruppu Falls, and found the board signs of 2 Homestays. One was JADE ( very good reviews on tripadvisor so, no chance of availability), and the other one: Hinterland Homestay (with no reviews on the web) and thankfully, it was available. We reached at 3:30 PM, and we liked the place. Homestay rooms were not big, but neat & clean. & That too, there were only 2 rooms and rooms were separate from the owner’s place. We immediately decided to stay here seeing the tranquil & serene environment. It was breathtaking awesome place with the terrace all our own.

Hinterland Home Stay

Hinterland Home Stay @ bank of river

Got settled in the Homestay, and went on to explore the Coffee Beans, green pepper corns, and a river. Here are the Pics where Pari was enjoying the most.

Hubby dear Trying to get some coffee beans for Pari

Coffee Beans

Coffe Beans

Betel Nuts on Trees

Betel Nut Tree2

Closer lookup of betel NutsBetel Nut Tree

Green Pepper Corns

Green Pepper Corn

Closeup Green Pepper Corns

Green Pepper Corn-closeup

After reaching the river bank, Pari was exploring touch-me-not leaves

Small River rises from Mountain

Pari and touch-me-not

Pari and touch-me-not

Exploring LeavesAfter enjoying the river & lots of photography we returned to Homestay, and played cards. By 7:30 Pari was hungry, I requested the owner to give food for Pari atleast, as she had told us she would serve dinner at 8:30 PM only. & she served in 10 minutes. Pari had dinner and she slept after lots of play. Dinner was wonderful with authentic Kodagu cuisine including chicken curry, which was no doubt very good.


We woke up in the morning at 7:00 AM. Went to terrace and I must say, it was a splendid view & the freshness of the morning was mesmerizing.

Pari enjoying in terrace

Pari enjoying in terrace

After having tea and the yummy breakfast: Puri, saagu, something like Puddu, and couple of other items, we headed towards Iruppu Falls

Breakfast @ Homestay


Here are the pics of Iruppu Falls and some interesting pictures on the way.

Iruppu Falls

Iruppu Fall

Beautiful Coorg


Heart Tree

Iruppu Fall Bridge: Pari & Papa

Iruppu Falls Bridge

Beautiful Butterflies

Beautiful Butterfly

Pari & Papa took bath in ice-cold water of Iruppu Falls, and then we came back to our homestay, to find our lunch ready.


After lunch, we stayed back in Homestay for relaxed evening, while Pari was busy with her colors and coloring book.

Pari with her colors

Pari with her coloring bookDSC03624-1

At Night we had bonfire, and slept after having dinner.


In the morning @ 7:30, we started from Kutta towards Taal Cauvery, It was a little hot & a bit tiring journey, and by the time we reached the place it was 12:30 PM.

On the way to Tal Cauvery

On the way to Taal CauveryWe went to the temple, had photography sessions and on the way to Madikeri had full meals lunch at 2:30 PM in KSTDC hotel. Around 4:00 PM, reached Madikeri, decided to go ahead to Kushalnagar, again searching for a place to stay. Finally found a hotel, ( I forgot the name). Frankly speaking, didn’t like the hotel much, as we had just came from a very calm & serene homestay.

Hotel Room ( It was something like eco green)

Hotel at Kushalnagar

Pari enjoying in hotel with ‘E’In the hotel

In the evening, we ordered Pakoda, & Chai. Had Dinner @ 9:30 with bonfire & dance, and then slept.


Got ready in the morning by 8:00 AM. Had breakfast @hotel, checked out the hotel & reached Nisargadaam. We were expecting Elephant rides, but got disappointed. Pari enjoyed in Deer Park.

Feeding Deer

Pari feeding cucumber slices to Deer

Deer Park @Nisargadam

We left Nisargadaam at about 10:30. Had lunch at Adigas in Mysore Highway. Reached home by 5:30 PM. Overall a very nice trip :).

Returning from Coorg