Nature Walk: Nandi Hills

Ah, my travel plans are working it seems.. 🙂 We managed to go to Nandi hills this weekend. Much thnx to Bittu offcourse… The trip was excellent.. It was 70 kms from our home, and it seems Pari got bored and was just asking after every 5 minutes. “Mummy pahunch gaye?? (Did we reach?)” On the way, we passed through the grapes farm..Pari was so happy to see this.

So, we reached at the top, and had a splendid view of Bangalore

Pari enjoying in the slides, and the Tree House, and then finally leaving…

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Weekend wrap up 9-11 March 2012

It was a very interesting weekend with all the extended celebrations of holi. Holi was actually on 8th in most places : MP, UP & delhi… But Bihar & Jharkhand had holi on 9th March. & Bangalore celebrated holi on 10th, as Saturday .. holiday.

On 9th, in the morning, prepared malpua, dahi vada,, went to office, came up early.. had some friends visiting in the evening… so made fried chura ( organic red poha)…played with the floor..

On 10th, there was a Holi bash in the apartment, since morning, pari was like “neeche chalo” played holi with all the colors, waters, music, dance & dance .. Pari was standing in the corner & watching..everybody dancing ..with waters..colors..Had samosa, jalebi & pizza ( for kids)…Reached home..after all the cleaning up …preparation for lunch, friends visited & PP prepared a great mutton..I prepared pulao…

By evening, everybody left .. we then went to McD for Pari’s fav Mcveggie burger (with no lettuce & extra mayonnaise). Then suddenly plan for the movie “Kahaani”. We went to the mall.. there was a mediterranean food joint, next to the muliplex, we ordered pasta in arabiatta sauce, lebanese wrap with falafel, another chicken wrap. We still had 30 minutes for the movie to start,… I wanted Pari to sleep.. as she was very sleepy…but the girl .. didnt sleep.. I walked for 20 minutes carrying her .. singing her fav songs.. but when I thought she was sleeping… she picked out ..”Mummy, car kyun nahi aa rahi hai .. papa ne kahan park ki hai car kyun nahhi aa rahi hai .. mujhe ghar jana hai ” then i was like ” no ways.. she wont sleep” then Pitaji explained him .. we are going to watch the movie… She made us watch the movie thank god… she didnt cry but ..yes she wanted to go home..everytime…She slept at 12, & the movie got over at 12:30. After reaching home, I fried the rice, & again Pitaji & Bittu had it with the leftover mutton.. Dozed off at 2 in the night.

We had got the 2nd row  from screen…& it was terrible.. to sit & watch..Bittu, looked back..there were so many seats available at the back.. after 10 minutes of movie, we went at the back seats, & watched the movie very comfortable 🙂